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Using the Concept of Transliteration

It feels like the difference between a Greek mindset and a Hebraic one. Ransomed Heart is about head knowledge (the Christian way) and this book I’m reading feels more about heart knowledge (the Hebraic way). I say that because it seems to be about transforming that head knowledge into heart and hand knowledge. It is about applying the knowledge to literal doing. And though it’s not advertised as a religious book I think it is Dean’s ministry. Continue reading

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A Servant’s Heart, Besties and 2 Bogo’s Later

I don’t even really know what a Bogo is. The first time I heard the word I thought it was a kind of animal or perhaps a fruity drink. The only time I’ve really heard the word used in a context was when my friend Karen B. –– my DoTerra Lady –– texts me about a “Bogo” deal. I have no idea why it exists, who started it, when it started or what “Bogo” means. I don’t know what “B-O-G-O” stands for. Mostly, I just don’t care. I don’t even know if I am to write “Bogo’s” or “Bogos.” Continue reading

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My First-Ever Sour Dough Bread

It was a balmy 61º this afternoon! And the sun was calling me! It was, of course too cold to lay on the cement and there’s still lots of snow on the ground, but it was summer-warm inside the truck. So I made a bed in the back of the truck and sunbathed! I’m serious. Beach towel, olive oil, swim suit, flip flops. The works! I feel human again because I have warm skin and a sun-kissed face! I’m nuts! Continue reading

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