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Blue Skies, 81º and Snow

I have been slowly processing this year I am entering. And I am so very excited about what is happening. But I’ve decided it’s not safe to share what I’m doing or how I feel about it publicly, because people are too free with their opinions and position themselves to sit in judgment of me and the journey that Papa has me on. Continue reading

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My First-Ever Sour Dough Bread

It was a balmy 61º this afternoon! And the sun was calling me! It was, of course too cold to lay on the cement and there’s still lots of snow on the ground, but it was summer-warm inside the truck. So I made a bed in the back of the truck and sunbathed! I’m serious. Beach towel, olive oil, swim suit, flip flops. The works! I feel human again because I have warm skin and a sun-kissed face! I’m nuts! Continue reading

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