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The Real Rosh ha’Shanah!

The attraction with the man-made calendars (equinox etc) is for this very reason. Everyone wants to make plans and those other calendars make it easier to do that. Can’t make too solid of plans with the Creator’s calendar until AFTER Rosh ha’Shanah. This year, we took the chance and made plans BEFORE the Head of the Year. But we knew that we might need to tweek them, if needed. It’s needed. It’s done now. All is fine. 🙂 Now we’ll move on to preparing for Pesach. 🙂 Continue reading

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Grateful at Rosh ha’Shanah

I’m so thankful for the beach time that we got, the mountain hikes we took and the coffee dates we had. We are foodies and took so many pictures of great food Papa blessed us with. It was a good year! Continue reading

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Don’t Rush Ahead!

Don’t rush into Pesach (Passover)! I know Rosh Hashanah comes up fast, but stay with it for a little while! Mark this celebration and I believe the Ruach will speak to your heart. How does one celebrate Yah’s New Year … Continue reading

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