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My Jewish Natureopath was Right!

I forgot to blog yesterday about the fact that when I woke up on Thursday morning (after gargling with Organic Black Cumin Oil on Wednesday night before bed) my throat issues had cleared up! It is Friday now and the rawness and itchy ears are gone. I pray that it never comes back, but this is the first thing that has worked in my quest to get my throat healed. Thank-you to the Ruach ha’Kodesh who led me back to Pilgrims to talk to my my Jewish friend and natureopath who led me to this oil. Continue reading

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Sauna Time!

Spa Spokane invited me to enjoy her sauna today. Such a blessing as it snowed and was bitter cold again today ––– Spring seems to be nowhere in sight. Hadassah joined me and we dawned our summer attire pretending we … Continue reading

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