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I Jumped!

I guess when I scheduled and paid for the ad part of me was assuming that nothing would happen — so it wouldn’t matter when I released it. But it did matter, because it actually worked. The calls weren’t all good leads, but I did it! I just had to get over the hump and jump in! This greenhorn jumped into returning calls and did it! Continue reading

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Town Day and a Rosh ha’Shanah Tiki Hut

It felt so good to have a normal day for me! Full of “GO!” 🙂 Not really my family’s speed, but it is mine and they nearly always like the fruit of my “GO!” mentality. But over the years I have learned that I must be careful HOW I approach them with what I want to accomplish in a day, because to them it’s like trying to stay on a spinning top. They will get nauseous and fall off if I tell them too much at a time. Though, in my head it’s all in a days work and stopping has to be a line-item on my To Do List. I wake up knowing exactly how much I fully intend upon doing in a day. It’s A LOT to them, but really just the basics to me. Continue reading

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