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Spring Flowers and Granola

So, I got an itch during my class today to cook a few things. While I listened to the lecture I made granola, lentils for breakfast tomorrow and a rice dish. That’s the cool thing about taking a class online. 🙂 I had to have goats milk to go with my granola today so I found a local place that sells RAW goats milk! Yay! 🙂 Continue reading

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Make Homemade Bread with me!

I can’t write a recipe for the life of me. I have this “what-do-I-need-to-use-up?” and let’s throw “a-little-of-this-and-that-into-the-bowl” method to my kitchen madness. It’s hard when you have an artistic approach to baking and cooking to “share” a recipe, because for me baking and cooking isn’t mechanical. I feel it. Therefore, because many of my friends have asked for my homemade bread recipe, instead of writing it down LOL, I made a video! Watch and I’ll show you how to make my mom’s homemade bread! It is literally the best bread in the whole world! I modified it a bit from my mom’s…. but heck! No one makes better bread than mom — right? Continue reading

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