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Done with the Sickie!

I had nothing to do there and I didn’t feel up to waiting around for 4 hours to get in. “Papa! If you want me to get medications for this let me get in now. If not, I’ll go home.” I sat and filled out the paperwork and then the nurse called me back to get my vitals. He made me leave my big boots on when he had me step on the scale. Ugh! That added 5 pounds to my weight. Depressing. Continue reading

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The Real Meaning Behind Christmas

Originally posted on The Truth & The Light Ministries:
We all know that pagans, witches, seculars, and Satanist all celebrate Christmas. They’ve been doing so for many years, way before the birth of Christ.  We can see on Jeremiah 10:3…

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It is truly an epic tale our lives are writing. But at some point epic gets old and you don’t want to get up anymore. At some point you just want the game to be over. The past few years, I’ve been living there…but last Thursday night I sat in a corner of our log cabin and listened to Katy Perry’s song, Rise. It was like life went into my oxygen-deprived lungs and I began to rise off the floor. Like an epic movie, I began to slowly stand up, with fierce eyes I began to look with new determination at my situation. Both Isaac and the Ruach ha’Kodesh know that pain can become my fuel. .. Continue reading

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Traveling and Shabbat

I’ve always wondered how does the “ask and you shall receive” command work? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. What I discovered is that I was asking for the wrong thing. The Ruach (Spirit of Yah) taught me how to be utterly confident in the outcome of my request by being utterly confident in what Yahweh’s will actually is. Continue reading

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Emergency Orthodontic Care for Hadassah!

Click here to see Maggie’s campaign for her sister. Watch the video and donate. Hadassah’s baby teeth were so pretty — straight, pretty and they worked. But when her permanent teeth started coming in we realized that our little girl … Continue reading

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Sukkot Preparations: CAMP CAFE’

TEENS WILL LOVE OUR NEW SUKKOT CAMP CAFE’ We are so excited for Sukkot this year! We are already starting preparations. Of course, this is in hopes that many Kingdom people from all over the country will join us for … Continue reading

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Yahovah’s Calendar vs the Rabbinic One

Many people are asking me about why we are celebrating Purim a month before the Jews are. Basically it’s because the Jews are keeping a calculated calendar and we are honoring Purim when Queen Esther and Mordecai commanded it –– … Continue reading

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On Faithfulness

by Isaac Garvin As we are trying to figure out how to manage a flock, how to maintain and grow a fellowship, how to motivate and involve people in putting on and celebrating the Feasts, Yahovah is also seeking the … Continue reading

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Hanukkah Gets Real Personal

(I found an old article that Isaac wrote about our Chanukkah cleansing a few years ago. I think it is really good so I’m posting it now!) We have become strangers in a strange land. But we don’t look too … Continue reading

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The Princess Warrior Prayer is set to release on Nov. 6, 2015! I am super excited! It has been a long time in the making and is finally ready for Kingdom teen princesses to have access to! This is a … Continue reading

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