About Rebekah


I am a woman on a mission….to establish Teshuvah College for the youth and young adults of the Ephraimite Nation!


“The more they try to shut him [YHVH and Yahshua] up––the louder I get!”

More than anything, I want to help usher in the return of the King. I want to welcome him back! I live to inspire Israelites in Diaspora to discover who they are and who their God. And then show them how to live in the marriage-type arrangement with Yahovah through betrothal to his son, Yahshua. Bathed in the Ruach I hold conviction, hope, diligence and integrity close to my heart as help Israelites come out of the nations–and learn how to repent.

With love as the result of the Ruach living in my heart, I seek to be a captivating feminine expression of Her and live as a repentant, healed, faithful and creative Melchizedek priest. I believe in and respect everyone’s God-given right to the ‘dignity of causality’ (the exercise of free will) and therefore I do not attempt to use control, but invitations –– allowing someone their journey. I am fearless when it comes to moving upon conviction. I am faithful to, responsive to and sensitive to the hearts of Elohim and people. With creative diligence I take risks and see endless possibilities. I will never give up, but choose every moment to live in an authentic alignment with my Creator. I have been called to inspire a vision among Israel to build a college for our youth that will empower the second generation out of the nations to walk in rhythm with Papa with delight––which is true repentance and the only path to the Great Wedding Feast to come.

Many people’s teaching is their observance. My observance is my teaching. I am completely obsessed with Yahovah Elohim and the Grand Narrative and will not be able to stop nor fully relax until I am seated at the Great Wedding Feast at the same table as my King.