My Jewish Natureopath was Right!

I forgot to blog yesterday about the fact that when I woke up on Thursday morning (after gargling with Organic Black Cumin Oil on Wednesday night before bed) my throat issues had cleared up! It is Friday now and the rawness and itchy ears are gone. I pray that it never comes back, but this is the first thing that has worked in my quest to get my throat healed. Thank-you to the Ruach ha’Kodesh who led me back to Pilgrims to talk to my my Jewish friend and natureopath who led me to this oil. I wasn’t able to do the high dose of 2 TB / day. But the little that I did 2tsp / day has done the trick.

My Health Remedies

Getting my questions answered by the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for $170 helped relieve my building stress (I don’t have viral meningitis, strep or anything else horrible). For my voice he’s referring me to a voice therapy program, which is good. 🙂 But unfortunately he couldn’t answer the question of how to solve the immediate problem in my throat.

But the natureopath, who thought I might have a chronic issue, thought in a more holistic way….

So, for my raw throat: I took 1 tsp of Organic Black Cumin Oil and swished it around my mouth for about 30 seconds, spit out most of it and then swallowed as much as I could (he wanted me to swallow all of it — I did the first time, but couldn’t make myself the other times). I did this twice before bed on Wed. night before bed. I also, took the Chiropractor’s suggestion and dug out my air purifier and put it in my room for the night as he thought it made sense that something I was breathing was causing the irritation. Got up on Thursday with the raw throat gone and another open sore in my mouth on the mend, finally. About $30.

For the itchy ears: I put 3 drops of ear oil (that I also got a the Health food store, not in picture) into my ears for 3 nights in a row and stuffed in 1/2 a cotton ball. My itchy is currently gone. (Still am having a little ear pressure sensitivity and some ringing at times, but it’s not bad at all and I think those things are normal to me, I’m just extra sensitive right now to all things sinus). About $12.

Cleaning up my gut: I’ve been cleaning up my gut from the antibiotics I took back in March with Garden of Life RAW Probiotics. I did a treatment of 5 days at their 600 Billion dose right after I finished the antibiotics and then dropped down to their 100 Billion dose for 30 days (still finishing that). About $40/bottle

For my Globus / Plum Pitt Disorder (phantom lump in throat that comes and goes): Toby’s recommended Chinese herb is working! It’s by a company called Plum Flower and it’s called Ban Xia Hou Po Wan. I take 8 of them 3 times a day. I’m on my second bottle and this is literally working. About $14/bottle.

For my phlegm: I couldn’t find anything that worked too well (tried nettle tea and a few other things). The only thing that I think is working is that I removed cow milk from my diet. Still doing cheese and yogurt a little. But removing the organic cow milk has helped.

For my peace of mind: Essiac Tea is a staple in our home now. But I’ve been taking a break from it for the past 2 weeks (as you are supposed to do to not let your body get too used to it). I’ll be getting back on it this week and I think it will clear everything else up.

For general health: I’m sleeping a full night and exercising in the mornings (simple power walking with H.I.T. runs). I got a working bathroom scale and am weighing myself every morning and night in a journal — hoping to lose 7 pounds.

I have 70 years left to live and I want to be a healthy, living, thriving lady who is strong so I can continue working with the King. I have no time to be sick! But of course, if Yahshua comes back sooner that would be GREAT NEWS!!! 🙂

Hadassah ready for Shabbat tonight.

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