Organic Black Cumin Oil and I’VE GOT FRIENDS! :-)

Yesterday I actually felt really good. It was sunny and I had my favorite boots on. I felt like I could take on the world. Today I feel the complete opposite. It’s cloudy. Maggie is depressed and I’m depressed because Isaac is gone and America has no taste –– they didn’t vote for Jacob Maxwell in the Voice! And then of course, when the nurse weighed me at the doctors (which why the hell do they have to weigh you and get your height when I’m going in for my throat?) the scale said I was 10 pounds over what I wish I was. OMG! Can we say depressing?

I smile even when I’m depressed. I think I look better when I smile. I smiled while I was having Maggie c-section 19 years ago and the doctors laughed at me.

Earlier I had called the same doctor I saw yesterday and asked if they could do a strep test just to make sure I wasn’t dealing with chronic strep. I went in. Paid $28. No strep. Raw throat, itchy ears still. I asked the doctor if he thought I had symptoms that were consistent with viral meningitis… He said no I didn’t.

They have no idea. I feel like I’m diagnosing myself.

Because it is Wednesday all day I remembered that the natureopath I had seen a few weeks ago (who had said he thought I had Plum Pitt disorder and whose Chinese herbs he recommended actually worked) was at the Health food store I frequent. So off to the chiropractor and then on to talk to Toby. Chiropractor thought it was an irritant in the air getting to my throat. So I’ll pull out the air purifier tonight and try that.

Toby was stumped. He kept leading around the store pulling things off the shelf saying, “I think you should try this.” Then I would say, “I have and it didn’t work.” Finally, he thought and lead me to a shelf where he picked up Organic Black Cumin Oil. “Try this. 1 TB twice a day. Swish it around in your mouth. Gargle with it and then swallow it. It’s super good for mouth irritation and it’s a natural anti….” something or rather.

I got home to Hadassah cracking walnuts we bought at a farm near the coast.

I love getting food from local farms!

By the end of the day I had found new hope. The grey turned to sunshine in the sky and in my heart as I took a hike in the yellow flowers and gained 18 people to commit to helping me crush it in the Better Life Challenge and win Dean’s Tesla. I’m so blessed with friends and a really great Papa! 🙂

Found some beautiful flowers on the mountain behind our apartment during my evening hike today.

I started with 1 tsp of Cumin oil before bed. I managed to do 2 tsp. But there was no way I was going to be able to down 1 TB! Just a small amount was a chore to get down. It is the nastiest stuff ever! I actually couldn’t swallow the last tsp before bed. I did my best and spit the rest out. But some got down. Took my herbs, put oil in my ears, put the air purifier by the bed and went to sleep.

We will see what happens tomorrow….

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