This dog is how I feel today. A combination of awake and mad. 🙂 I woke up completely disoriented. That doesn’t happen very often. I kept thinking (while my eyes were closed) that I was on the wrong side of the bed which was on the wrong wall of the room. Funny.

Maggie shuttled Isaac to work early before she went off to school. He left stuff here thinking he would be doing local all day today and get to come home tonight. But….no. Frustrating.

Got an oil change in the truck. Guys there must have thought I was a ditzy woman. Charged me for more than what I asked for. Then I caught it. Owner gave me change in cash. Whatever.

To the Doctor about my throat

Went to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist today to figure out what the heck is going on in my throat. I’ve made this appointment off and on for a long time. As we are paying out of our pockets for doctor visits. But I’m not sure he did any better at diagnosing me than I have done. He was the kind of doctor that drives me nuts … barely says anything. Tip toes around me in conversation. Can’t make a solid statement. Kinda lets the patient diagnose themself. I came away with:

  • Maybe I have allergies (no, I know I don’t––it’s a raw throat and itchy ears!)
  • Maybe I need vocal therapy (duh! I speak for a “living”)
  • Maybe I have “silent reflux” and I should take this drug for 2 months (NOT!)
  • Maybe I could just drink water when I feel the phantom pit in my throat (okay….)
  • Maybe I’m still recovering from the illness I had 2 months ago (really?)
  • In 2 months I could come back for a scope on my vocal chords (2 more months?)

He gave me a sheet of paper with the description of LPR and GERD that he thought I showed signs of having. But he didn’t go over the sheet with me. He was full of maybe’s and nothing concrete and no solutions. Maddening.

I Went LIVE in Facebook Today!

I went LIVE in my ladies group many time throughout the day trying to gain support for my quest to win Dean Graziosi’s Tesla in July. I got 18 people signed up by time I went to bed. Was hoping for 30. But we’ll see what happens. I just think this is a great way for people to support our family and my ministry without having to spend a cent — plus it is a challenge with subject matter is super good for us all to consider – habits and taking our thoughts captive. 🙂 Here’s the link to join me now and be one of my 30! TheBetterLifeChallenge 🙂 Exciting.

Isaac didn’t come home tonight. Instead they re-routed him to Seattle. No food. No clothes. He says he will get by. I’m tired of that thought. I want him and I to thrive! Done!

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  1. ginadina says:

    Shalom. I joined the challenge. Yay. I am excited to make a change. I sure need one. I am sorry for Isaac. I pray Yahovah cares for him and brings him comfort. Thank you so for you your ministry. Blessings. Gina

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