DAY 7 – ULB ( The Most Beautiful Day of First Fruits)

This was an incredible day! Not a cloud in the sky and no wind. Chilly early on, but warmed up. This is super unusual at this Oregon beach. It was like Yahovah was smiling as he remembered the First Fruit work of his son, Yahshua that day over 2,000 years ago.

We are going to miss this view…

The Lost Sock

Hadassah lost her sock up on the dunes during this morning’s hike and so I walked all the way back to get it (I had seen a stray sock, but didn’t pick it up – though I thought about it. So, I repented of not picking up the “trash” on the dunes and walked back up it to retrieve what I thought was “trash” when it was actually her sock)!

Hiking the cape this morning. I think you can see Hadassah’s lost sock right behind her….

When I came down off the mountain of sand I ran into a park ranger. She told me that this was super unusual weather – a Sunday, clear skies and calm. I wish I would have exclaimed out loud to her what my heart was…. that the reason it was SUPER beautiful was because it was First Fruits and Yahshua, as the new High Priest in the New Order of Melchizedek, had taken his gift of the 144,000 resurrected people (the “first fruits from the dead”) whom were resurrected when he was the night before) to Heaven to wave and give to King Yahovah as his first offering and act as High Priest. That in this day was the HOPE of the final harvest in the Fall. That in this day we see our HOPE of what will happen to us (what we will be like) after we resurrect. We will follow in Yahshua’s sandals and after we are resurrected we will have bodies, we will walk, talk, eat, have friends, have our same voice but a new body… that can disappear. 🙂 So much to this Feast!

Breakfast of Yahshua with the Garvins

The Afternoon

Isaac made our First Fruit meal and we got some sun time while Maggie worked on her Book of Hope….

Yahshua ate matzah on First Fruits when he came back from doing the wave offering in Heaven. He also ate boiled fish and honeycomb. I failed to get honeycomb from the bee keeper last August for this day…. 😦

Eating of Yahshua Videos

It has been a labor of love to the King to film and upload our family “eating of Yahshua” all week long. It has taken up time of the vaca to edit and post them. The internet here is sketchy and not as easy as at home. Isaac has struggled with being jealous for my time this week…. but here is my philosophy: Yah paid for this whole trip. So on one hand yes, it is a vacation for us and a time to be together. But on the other hand, I want to thank Yah for this vacation and so I must pay attention to what this Feast is all about and WHY we are here–or it will be nothing more than a vacation.

Last year we tried separating family vacation from the Feast weeks. But that didn’t work so well last year with Isaac’s work. So this year, we decided to try it this way: Family vacation at Feast time. I think it can work if one’s expectations also include Feast things and giving back to Papa his share of our time during the Feast….hence I spent time laying in the sun editing the videos, hunkered down in the comfy chair while Isaac was playing with the girls or laying in bed at night editing and posting….I’m looking forward to the upcoming Spa Weekend with Isaac that the Ladies of Teshuvah got me for my birthday this year. That will be dedicated Isaac time! 🙂

First Fruits Dinner of Yahshua with the Garvins

Last Night on the Beach

The evening on the beach watching the sunset was calm. No wind, like last night. Last night’s cold and strong wind was symbolic of the event that took place last evening — Yahshua’s dramatic Resurrection! But tonight it is calm. Peaceful. Creation seemed at rest. It was like Yah was saying, “HOPE has been realized for Yahshua and I and 144,000 Kingdom people! You’re turn is coming!”

I saw a girl playing her guitar among the sticks for our standards from last night. I wonder if she was singing to Yah….I would be.

Sunset and a Storm at Home

Unfortunately, a storm broke out at home when we started packing after sunset for our trip home tomorrow. 😦 And then around midnight Isaac got sick … something didn’t set well with his tummy.

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1 Response to DAY 7 – ULB ( The Most Beautiful Day of First Fruits)

  1. ginadina says:

    Shalom. Thank you for sharing. Tell Isiah Thank you for sharing you with us. Such a joy for me to see you and your family celebrating Yahovah. Very inspiring. I wish I had a family of friends to celebrate Yahovah with. Someday. For now its nice to see yours. Thank you. Shalom.

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