Day 6 ULB (Family Visits and the Resurrection!)

We had a breakfast of Yahshua and deep fried matzah with strawberries and vanilla yogurt! Yum!

Eat a breakfast of Yahshua with us!

The Cousins Visit!

Cousins visited today for a hike and matzah fajitas!!

Maggie colored my hair and likewise stained her hands. I’m not going to show those pictures…. 🙂

Remembering The Resurrection

And my favorite part was setting out our standards for Yahshua’s return from the grave — on the beach!! I wish the cousins could have stayed …. the clouds and sun seemed to echo the epic moment! The Resurrection is ALWAYS at the end of the weekly Shabbat during ULB! 🙂

Finished our Resurrection Party with apple pie and ice cream…. Do you realize that Yahshua’s work proved that “Death can’t kill a perfect person?!!” EPIC!

Apple Pie and ice cream to celebrate Yahshua’s return from Death.
Eat pie with us and eat of Yahshua!

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