Day 5 – ULB (Cove Lookout Trail Hike)

Early Morning Maggie

Maggie has become a morning person due to having to rise early for school. So her and I got up early to watch the sunrise over the hill onto the ocean. Then out to a coffee shop for a GREAT conversation. 🙂

I have been fascinated with the little sand birds here at the coast. They are so cute and move with the waves as they fall onto the shoreline.

Our breakfast of Yahshua this morning.

Cove Lookout Hike

Isaac was going to give me some time by myself at the cabin by taking the girls for a hike up the coast. But when I found out that he was going to drive 11 miles up the coast and hike a trail that had awesome views of the coastline I decided last minute to join them. I don’t like missing out on life. I’ll blog and edit my “Eat of Yahshua” video later…. 🙂

I can’t believe I almost missed out on this hike an incredible view and colors! Embrace life!!

This was Cove Lookout Trail on a jetty way out into the ocean. So we got a totally different view of the ocean than we normally have. The ocean water was so blue, the trees so green, the sky so blue with only a few white clouds floating by. Absolutely stunning! This is truly a wondrous, beautiful and magnificent Creation that YHVH Elohim has made –– even dispite all the crap man has inflicted upon it we can still find pockets of original beauty.

It ended up being one of the most beautiful hikes I have been on in a LONG time. The only thing that can describe it is the pictures I took. North Idaho has some spectacular hikes and views, but Idaho doesn’t take care of their trails and state parks like Oregon and Washington. Isaac and I grew up in this area and have missed hiking well cared for trails. (He and his family built trails in the Northwest during the summers when he grew up).

We checked the curve of the Earth — it’s there, people! We are most definitely NOT Flat Earthers! See one of the photos below where Isaac got too near to the edge of the cliff for my liking. Ugh!!!

We think Buddy looked a little car sick on the trip… 🙂

Car sick Buddy

This area is so prismatic — check out these sand dunes inland a bit. 🙂

Isaac got Hadassah up on the big bike finally! Maggie and I have different styles of sunbathing….

Girls and I visited the stores quickly before Shabbat to get a few items and souvenirs — as there is 2 Shabbats in a row now (the weekly Shabbat, Saturday and then the last High Shabbat of ULB, Sunday – which will also be First Fruits) and we will be headed out early Monday morning with no time to shop.

After eating matzah pizza for Erev Shabbat dinner we headed to the beach to watch the sunset and Shabbat arrive from the back of the truck like we used to do with the girls when they were little. But they have gotten bigger and the truck bed has stayed the same size….. LOL!

Our dinner of Yahshua tonight

Isaac has had a hard time sleeping here — well, actually anywhere.

He was hungry this am (like EARLY am) so he exercised his right to the fridge and this is how I found him this morning…. in his pj’s making matzah and shakshuka for breakfast! 🙂

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