Day 4 – ULB (The Whole Family Together!)

Today we had the whole family here on our Unleavened Bread vacation together! 🙂 Maggie got to get on the beach for the first time in years; the girls and Isaac explored the tide pools again (Hadassah got her sunburn during this time — I didn’t even think to pack her a hat!). We flew our new kite on the beach; found some break from the wind in the beach grasses and I found an agate!

Kiwanda Cape that we love to explore. It’s quite a hike up that sand dune!

Grateful to YHVH Elohim

I’m tithing back to Papa Yah and thanking him for this incredible vacation — as he’s paying for the whole thing: lodging, food, gas and souvenirs (this is what we use our tithe money on — to celebrate HIS FEASTS BEFORE HIM!). This year I am not throwing big Feasts for him. So, how am I thanking him by tithing back to him? Well, I’m spending some of my time during this vacation videoing, editing and uploading to our YouTube Channel our breakfasts and dinners where my family eats matzah and at the same time “eat of Yahshua.”

Eat Breakfast and Dinner with the Garvin’s this Week

I’m coming out of my Sabbatical for this Feast to publicly invite Scattered Melchizedek Israel to join us at our table and explore moving head knowledge into heart knowledge. Isaac isn’t working and I’m not at school during this week, so I can. 🙂 I didn’t know I was going to do this, neither did my family. But during our first breakfast (Day 1 of ULB) I was loving the conversation Isaac and I were having at breakfast and I shot 2 minutes of him talking. Right away I thought this would be a good idea––to share our matzah with others.

My family comes and goes with feeling comfortable on camera — especially when eating, it’s super uncomfortable for them, but I want to thank them publicly for allowing me to share our meals this week with the world––as it is our family’s collective gift to the King (the Bread of Life) and Papa Yah (our Deliverer). I’m super thankful that they are trying to play with me on this.

The Ezer’s Assignment is NEVER Done 🙂

My family could be here at this wonderful cabin and place for this entire week and totally forget WHY they are here and WHO brought them here. The ezer kenegdo role doesn’t get a break — so I’m thinking. I struggle with this when I am in need of a respite from the job of guiding the thoughts of my husband and family toward YHVH Elohim. I get tired. Sometimes I want to be led and pulled into experiences and conversations about the Kingdom–instead of me always doing it……. I’m sure other ladies who sense the assignment on their lives feel the same way. It’s a constant pouring our of our life for others.

The family is tolerant of me. They do not understand me sometimes, but they came around to my view when they again realized that we wouldn’t be here at the beach without Papa’s provision. So to thank Yah in a way that he would LOVE –– sharing with others (meeting Him in His other-centered love reality) –– seems MOST appropriate.

Our matzah breakfast this morning

The weather at the beach changes so fast and so dramatically. Super clear in the morning. Warm enough mid-day for a dress and a sunbathe. Super windy, cloudy and chilly in the afternoon — enough to make us duck into the main restaurant here for some french fries and curry soup.

Protected from the wind in the sand grass 🙂

I truly think Unleavened Bread and First Fruits are the most mis-understood, least celebrated Feasts. But without this Feast there is no Happily-Ever-After.

Dinner with the Garvins

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