Day 3 -ULB (I Got to Sunbathe!)

I love mornings!

Today I woke up happy! I looked to be a clear sky day! It didn’t take too much effort to get Isaac out of bed to got for an early morning walk, stretch and prayer on the beach. Special prayer for Maggie as she is flying from Idaho to meet us this afternoon. Big girl!!!

Drooled over the idea of being a surf bum…

A bus on the beach this morning….LOVE it! I’m such a hippy girl at heart.

A breakfast of THE Matzah!

Explored the exposed corral at the tide pools during low tide….

Isaac and Hadassah exploring Papa’s tide pools

Hiked up and ran down the cape (a huge sand dune)….

Cape Kiwanda’s sand dune!

And guess what? Before flying our new kite and having a pineapple smoothie with Hadassah I got to lay in the sun. Okay, not out in the open as it was way too windy, but up next to the cabin it was lovely warm and nearly hot! 🙂

Though the day was blessed with sun it seems that strong winds accompanies the sunshine here in the afternoon. I should just make a note of that from past visits.

So, we bought a kite….

It was a little too windy to fly it directly on the beach…

A meal of left-over matzah…

An evening walk with the dogs to the beach to see the sunset…

All a human artist does is tries to copy YHVH Elohim’s artwork.

Maggie flew in and Isaac drove 4 hours to get her so she could join us for the rest of the Feast.

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  1. Wow, that sounds so awesome! 🙂

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