Day 1 – ULB (Lighthouse and Matzah)

Photoshoot with Isaac this morning at the local coffee house. We used to do this in college at the photo booths…. remember that? 🙂 They remodeled since we’ve been here – threw Isaac for a loop! I liked the happy color on the walls….

Walking to the coffee shop

High Shabbat of ULB

It is Shabbat! A High Shabbat! So, we ate of Yahshua. Matzah with habanaro organic tuna, avocado, local organic salsa, tomatoes and cilantro and OJ!

An Israeli style breakfast.

I’m posting our meals of Yahshua this week on my YouTube Channel. They are simple and unedited. Come eat breakfast and dinner with us this week:

Day 1 – Breakfast of Yahshua

The Lighthouse

Today, we went to play on the beach. We drove South to visit a Lighthouse. We are to be lights in this darkness, so I thought a lighthouse visit was perfect! The lava beach and lava rocks was an extra bonus!

BTW – don’t visit and “interpretation center” at these State and National Parks. For heaven’s sake! That is right — it is THEIR interpretation. These government funded places are a method to push their religion of evolution upon the masses.

Yaquina Lighthouse. Stopped being used in late 1800’s.

Smoked Salmon and Wine

Found THE BEST shop for getting high quality smoked salmon. Nearly $30/pound. But so worth it to get the best. This dude (Robba Gumps) has been featured on Food Network! We found a wine tasting room on the beach. Not really into sweet wine. Crazy ceiling. 🙂

Day 1 – Dinner of Yahshua

I believe in using up and re-purposing our ingredients in the fridge — so as to not waste food….. Makes great meals.

Leftover lentil stew, amazing smoked salmon, avocado and tomatoes with cilantro.

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