Shabbat Travel

How to Spend Shabbat?

I always stress about what I post about how we spend our Shabbats. Why? Probably because I don’t know who all my audience is and how things will be received. I know that Scattered Israel is all over the board when it comes to how we are to spend Shabbat. Some people get pretty nit-picky and judgmental about it….

Don’t cook. Don’t drive. Don’t travel. Don’t shower. Don’t go out to eat. Don’t spend money. Don’t make love with your hubby. Don’t, don’t, don’t! That perspective is too negative for me. You’d think Papa was a task master. So, I take a different approach to Shabbat. First, I don’t listen to people. Second, I take a more positive approach. I listen to Yah’s heart on the matter.

He wants me to rest on Shabbat.

And so I ask the question, “what does rest look like on me today?”

Didn’t get to ask that question today. It was what it was.

This Shabbat we had a pre-plan. We tried to think this through — what would be the best senerio? Travel on the weekly Shabbat? Travel on Passover? Travel on the first High Shabbat of ULB? We chose to travel on the weekly Shabbat so that we would be at our destination for Passover.

The Feasts for this Ministry Family

This year, the Spring Feasts are going to look different for us because I am on Sabbatical. No huge Feasts to throw. No huge books to write. No videos to make. No going LIVE on YouTube to do. No huge conversations to have. Feasts with just my family is a new challenge for sure.

We decided to go to the beach for all the Spring Feasts this year. An entire week of vacation! We had plenty of tithe money so the Ruach ha’Kodesh helped us find a cute cabin on the Oregon Coast for the week (actually more like 10 days).

I’m so excited … but I wasn’t feeling good today. The late night last night. The poor sleep last night. Conversations I had, that I probably should not have had running through my head. Teenager issues. I tried to not rush out of the house this morning, but that set us back a bit as it was going to be a long drive. Unfortunately, my throat and it’s issues flared up due to overuse yesterday, the stress of packing and leaving.

Not a restful Shabbat morning for sure.

The whole road trip (11 hour drive) I was in quiet misery. We even stopped to get me some antihistamines as I was struggling to relax … We stopped at Whole Foods to get food for our stay –– as there isn’t many options where we are going. I didn’t even care that we were at the beach when we arrived after dark. I just wanted to get into bed — hoping tomorrow would be more of a rest than today was.

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3 Responses to Shabbat Travel

  1. I’m so glad I read this post. I’ve been wondering ever since I watched your feast video thanking Papa for your vacation if you used tithe money. I’ve been struggling with how to capture my daughter’s heart and travel to her favorite place for the feasts will definitely do that.

    Do you only use tithe money for the commanded travel feasts?

  2. Praying for healing and wellness and much rest. Rest and peace of mind and body & soul. 🙂

  3. Darlene Williamson says:

    Yes I agree Rebekah I feel the same

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