Passover with Bro Judah

Up Early

A HUGE day of prep for this Hebrew Gal ๐Ÿ™‚

I love getting up early. I can get so much done early in the mornings while everyone else is asleep. But then I’m ready for bed about 7 or 8 pm. This morning I woke at 4:00 am to do some school, homework and exercise before my big day of prep!

I love getting up early. I get a lot done in the morning, but then I’m ready for bed at 7pm.

Waved at Daddy as he Drove by

Waiting for Daddy to drive by

Ran out to the street to watch Daddy (Isaac) drive his semi-truck by our home early this morning. He went to drop or pick up a load in a town down the road from us. Haven’t seen him all week. Fun to watch him drive by.

Maggie at School and Town Errands

Hadassah and I did errands. Dropped in at Maggie’s school to see how her first cake decorating assignment was coming. Took my Passover gift to my Jewish natureopath (forgot to do that yesterday when I saw him, ugh!),

Angela: Friend from Long Ago

Angela ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess who I ran into at Costco? I’m a newbie to this Costco, but an old friend, Angela was there! We chatted for an hour. Haven’t seen her in forever. Our girls went to 1st grade together. Last time I saw her was when she came up to our tipi for Chanukah long time agoโ€ฆ.

Baking up a Storm

Raced home. Cleared out the kitchen and made charoset (with and without nuts), sweet matzah and spicy tabbouleh salad for Judah’s Passover tonight at Wendy’s houseโ€ฆ Of course, the repair guy came to work on my stove while I was covered in flour making my 30 matzah’s.. LOL! He asked if I was preparing for Easter…. I emphatically declared that I was not. I was preparing for Passover. ๐Ÿ™‚

Didn’t have time for a shower, but Isaac got home with time to get a 5 minute shower! We made it to Wendy’s house right on time.

Rabbinical Reckoning / Biblical Reckoning

Of course, celebrating tonight is on the Rabbinical reckoning. We don’t normally do this, but our friend Wendy and her family are so special to us that we wanted to be with them for this Season and we weren’t throwing a big Seder to invite them to this year. So here we are.

Our family will be celebrating the Biblical reckoning of Passover on Sunday (April 21, 2019). Because there was heavy cloud cover in our area for 3 days around Rosh ha’Shanah, we are counting 14 days from when Israel saw itโ€“โ€“โ€“the evening of April 7, 2019 (making April 8th the first day of the Month of Aviv, in the year 6019 From Creation). Though, I know some are celebrating it on on Shabbat (counting from personal sightings they had on April 6, 2019). It definatley was a difficult sighting at the new moon this month. Had we seen it with our own eyes we would have started counting the 14 days to Passover from whatever day we had seen the new moon on at Rosh ha’Shanah.

Beautiful Seder

We had a lovely time at Wendy’s for their rehearsal! ๐Ÿ™‚ She had a TON of teenagers there! Super fun! She is a Feast Diva for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚ She incorporates foot washing into her seder. Cool! My matzah was a hit. ๐Ÿ™‚ My Unleavened Bread cookbook is available on Amazon: The Mastery of Matzah

Got to bed super late for me (11 pm). Hope I’m up to the long trip tomorrow….

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1 Response to Passover with Bro Judah

  1. That is awesome sounds like a lot of fun and fellowship. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess a lot of people don’t get Passover still. I went to this special bakery that advertised Kosher items and Passover delicacies but when I got there they only had 1 thing a Passover sponge cake. lol They had Matzah but it was the cracker kind (ugh, I don’t like that kind) But I asked the lady behind the counter to make sure the sponge cake didn’t have leaven in it. She didn’t understand leaven so I said “yeast or baking soda” she still didn’t understand so she went to ask the baker/owner. She came back and said no it was a special Passover sponge cake that did not have leaven. So, I went to the counter to pay for it and at the end of the sale she proceeds to say “happy easter” I didn’t say anything but I was thinking if I am buying a Passover cake why would I be celebrating easter even if 1 didn’t know about the Melchizedek way. lol Of course, many of my Facebook friends keep asking me if I am turning Jewish. lol I keep having to explain that but I don’t mind explaining but it is the follow up criticism that kind of irks me although I am trying to have Yeshua’s patience with them.
    I was telling the Teshuvah Ladies that I often now feel like the angels who were sent to extract Lot and his family from Sodom before the destruction. lol I am either bombarded by the worlds perversion surrounding them and trying to pull me into their perversion and/or dealing with Lot and his family trying to not let go and taking time to pack or grab other family members who absolutely won’t come.
    Praying for you and your family always! ๐Ÿ™‚ & all the Teshuvah Ladies.

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