The Weeds of Procrastination

Maggie’s cake decorating practice at school! 🙂

Powerful Teaching!

Okay, I heard one of the most powerful teaching / sermon I have ever heard in my life this morning! Really!!! I was on fire all day long from it. I actually shot a video to invite you to get access to it, but I won’t have my invite up until next week. Stay tuned for the link to help me and your chance to hear this too! 🙂

It was amazing! I don’t recommend teachings very often. So trust me — if you want to understand the loops of failure and success (in relationships, business, your spiritual life — OMG!) you must see this presentation and then let it sink into your head and then your heart!

Ballet Costumes!

Hadassah got one of her 4 dance outfits for the recital today. Super cute!!! Maggie has 5 costumes. After 16 years of dance recitals we own a small fortune of dance wear . . . LOL!! 🙂

Weeds of Procrastination

This week I’ve been struggling with procrastination. It’s more like “getting caught in the weeds.” You see, I’m on the verge of doing something that will have success––it’s basically guaranteed. But I’m nervous, because I really haven’t ever done it before. It is SUPER new territory. So, I spend my mornings procrastinating by doing things that I’m familiar with ––

  • doing the laundry
  • putting clutter away
  • making phone calls
  • blogging
  • putzing around in the computer “straightening things up”
  • posting on Instagram
  • “attending” to school
  • doing homework
  • long hot showers
  • returning phone calls
  • taking the dogs for a walk
  • exercising
  • replying to emails
  • doing errands
  • organizing myself
  • cooking

I’ve been procrastinating in the busiest of ways…..

I’ve been busy procrastinating doing all the things that I’m comfortable with doing. Things that I know I’m good at. But these aren’t things that are going to get me where I want to go this Sabbatical year…. Oh my! I’m stuck hackin’ at weeds.

About 4pm I get my nerve up and jump out of the weeds, but by then it’s kinda late in the day. The trend has been that once I get out of the weeds, then I get about 1 hour of great focus time — until life calls me to do something else….



So, yesterday I decided to change this up. I didn’t feel too focused and felt the weeds calling to me. So I made myself a strong matcha (I don’t drink coffee) early on and got busy jumping out of the weeds of procrastination sooner than the day before.

It changed the course of my day. I got out of the weeds faster and onto the fairway. Now, if I can just do this tomorrow….

Oh wait! Tomorrow is Prep Day. Well, I’ll try to remember this next week….

Oh wait! We are going on vacation next week! Well, I’ll try to remember when we return from vacation!!! 🙂

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