Several of the Ladies of Teshuvah are blogging. I know of Dorothy, Ali and Michelle. πŸ™‚ Any others? If you can, ladies, please share your link in the comments or somehow link our blogs! πŸ™‚

A Lovely Momma and Daughter Day . . .

A full-on jog, my school and then my singing lesson. Bought Maggie’s plane ticket to join us for the Feasts at the coast next week. The sun shone in the morning with a yummy breakfast that Hadassah made.

Got onto Messanger for only a moment, but ended up staying there to talk to Shanna and then an old friend who saw I was on. We haven’t talked to in a long time (as in 40 years friendship) so I chatted with her for awhile. This is why I’m not showing up on FB or Messanger hardly at all. I wouldn’t get anything done! LOL!

Whipped Cream and iPhones Don’t Mix

When Maggie got home from school we took a trip to town to solve a phone problem. She accidentally got whip cream in her iphone speaker at work and the sound on her brand new phone became distorted (which I wasn’t going to just live with for the next few years as those phones are not cheap).

A Free Treat!

So, Downtown we went and got a free hand rub for me, free facial for Hadassah and a free hair bump for me at the Aveda Store. Then to the Apple Store for a phone cleaning and then a little photo shoot downtown by the clock and then by REI’s cool brick wall. I wanted to take them to the organic bakery we found last Shabbat, but they were closed today – bummer!

Art Store, REI

A visit to the art store (love art stores) to buy Hadassah a drawing pencil –– I love mulberry paper. That is my weakness at art stores-handmade paper :-). REI didn’t have a reasonably priced wind breaker jacket for Isaac for our coast trip — Geeze! $289 for a shell! On sale from $399. ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Back to the second hand store next time.

I Hate the Bunny! Pagan Easter!

Entering the mall today I was quietly disgusted at the pagan holiday coming up and their traditions for it. I remember getting my picture taken with the bunny when I was about 5 years old. I was terrified. There is an old photo of me crying as I sat with the bunny. I hate the bunny!

This was in the mall today…. UGH!

Yah’s Holy Days!

I’m looking forward to the real Holy Days this next week — Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. I hope your stomach turns at these abominations and that you have repented and turned to obey the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: YHVH Elohim to keep HIS holidays and not man’s! πŸ™‚

Voice Not So Good

I ended the day with my voice and throat not so good. A little frustrating as I was doing great this week so I cancelled my drs. appointment for tomorrow. It will cost us approx $500 just to be seen and I am having a hard time justifying the expense. I’ve made this appointment 2 times and then cancelled it last minute. But now I wish I hadn’t canceled it as I’d really like to know what is going on with my voice and throat…..maybe it was the intense exercise this am OR the 3 days of voice lessons OR the milk I had in my matcha today OR the extra talking I did today OR the change in the weather. I don’t know, but please pray for me as I’ve struggled with this off and on for over a year and it’s super irritating and frustrating.

A few things I learned in class today…..

  • 1) Love your product or service so much you feel that you will do humanity a dis-service if you DON’T get it into other peoples hands and get them engaged.
  • 2) People will buy what they WANT not always what they NEED.
  • 3) It’s ALWAYS about how they feel. Learn how people feel at every level of your business. Hire someone to go through your service and help you look at every “feel point” of your business.
  • 4) Don’t think you know what’s best for your prospect or client. Know what your students, clients, patrons are thinking — stop guessing.
  • 5) Find marketing ideas in everything and everywhere. Close with the 4 C’s. And always ask, Where are you? Where are you going to go? How are you going to get there? Marketing is everything.
  • 6) Camp Out in your clients heads. The clients didn’t change. We are camping out in our own heads instead of their heads. Don’t stress about getting multitudes of people in — obsess about how to keep them for a lifetime.
  • 7) People buy, learn and love you when the feel understood. What can I provide for them? When you get on stage I think am I am understanding how they feel?
Dassah’s homemade waffles with whole milk plain yogurt and wild North Idaho huckleberries
that we picked last summer. πŸ™‚ Nothin’ better! (Do you see the stem? I ate it. LOL! )
Doggie’s enjoying the sunshine. The sun went away by mid-day and it became grey, cold and rainy… 😦

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1 Response to Today

  1. Man that looks so delicious what Hadassah made!
    It was pretty amazing how Yah works things out I knew I wanted to definitely follow the feasts and unleavened bread but I am so low on money I didn’t think I could bring myself to throw out perfectly good food especially bread, but Somehow Yah worked it out and I just happened to run out of bread yesterday and I won’t buy anymore until after the feast of ULB ends. πŸ™‚ I am going to buy some flour today to make unleavened bread. I just learned yesterday that not all flour is equal. Gold medal has malted barley in it which the guy on the video making unleavened bread said was a form of leaven so I went on a search for the internet and found Kings Flour (ironically named, lol) doesn’t have malted barley or any leavening agent in it. πŸ™‚ Learning so much but still so far to go.
    Oh my Michael Rood calendar has an A and a B for this new month I am not sure which one is the one that ended up being correct but one is if the moon is sighted on the 6th the other the 7th.

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