I Jumped!

OMG! It worked. I returned calls from my RVM campaign this morning! OMG! Scariest thing I’ve done in a long time! I followed my instructors formula and at 9:05 am I began to get calls. I flipped out! I got calls throughout the morning of the ad. I had so many errands and things to do this Prep day that I didn’t get to calling people back until late afternoon. I knew I wasn’t going to see a soul, but just to help my courage I took a shower, got all dressed up and sat in my truck in the sunshine and called people back.

Using Karen’s birthday gift to me for Shabbat! 🙂
Just throw some white lights and you have a nice center piece!

I guess when I scheduled and paid for the ad part of me was assuming that nothing would happen — so it wouldn’t matter when I released it. But it did matter, because it actually worked. The calls weren’t all good leads, but I did it! I just had to get over the hump and jump in! This greenhorn jumped into returning calls and did it!

And the very first person I ever talked to in this new business of mine, ended the call by saying I had a “real nice voice.” Yay!!! I can do this! Funny, that I scheduled the ad to run at a time when I was on my way to Hadassah’s dance. I must have subconsciously not really thought that I might just need to be at my computer when people called. Probably due to past experiences!

Off for a Shabbat rest and now next week the jumping will be easier, because I’ve already done it once!

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