What “Type” of Person Are You?

I studied today about the “4 Types of People” that I will be doing business with. I don’t like boxes but sometimes they help when doing business with people. Then you can know a little bit better on how to meet them where they are. Did you know that there are primarily four types of people? There are the analytical. Then there are the drivers. There are the social and then there are social conscious.

I’m most like this group (Social). Pixabay Image.


Analytical people are not assertive, they are motivated by and make decisions based on facts. They like things in writing and they take a long time to make a decision because they want to make sure all the numbers work. They are non responsive and like rigid timelines. These people loose respect for people who are late. They tend to be engineers, accountants and people of that nature.

When doing business with these people we just have to go through everything really clearly and show them “the numbers” and how it all works together. Then you have to give them some time to study on it.


Drivers are assertive and non responsive people who don’t want to spend time chitchatting! They just want to get things done. They are in a hurry and want to cut to the chase. This makes them poor listeners, firm stubborn and tough. They make quick decisions decisively and they must be in control. They like to believe that they won the deal.

When doing business with these people you have to leave the transaction in a way that helps them feel like they “won the deal.” That they got one-up on you.


Social people are more interested in relationship. They love to build relationships and chitchat. They are enthusiastic and optimistic, but they have a short attention span. They are assertive and responsive; flexible and spontaneous. They make quick decisions and don’t care much about the numbers. They are generally very likable.

When doing business with social people you must build a relationship, have good conversation and building trust. Easy to do business with.

Social Conscious

The social conscious people are a little harder to identify. They are also social but a little more reserved. They are softhearted, agreeable and willing. They are respectful and supportive. They like to know how the decision they make is going to affect the community or the people around them. They are a low risk taker and will take a little longer to make a decision, because their decision is based on the good of the whole. They will give you the blow off move.

When doing business with this group of people you have to work slowly with them, be patient when they are making a decision. You can’t push them, you must slow down and talk about their cause and help them know how this decision will affect their cause.

Which one are you?

I can’t quite figure out which when I am. I feel like I am a mixture of the four of them. But probably mostly Social. 🙂

Pixabay Image

Your Handshake Tells on You!

I also got refreshed on the fact that our handshakes speak volumes. There are basically 3 kinds:

  • Up-and-down
  • Dead fish
  • Muscle over

Those people that shake up and down are people who like to have a win-win situation. They want both parties to be pleased. People whose handshake feels like a cold dead fish are people who mostly want the deal made for them. They will pretty much do whatever you want. Then there are people with a handshake that is a dominant handshake. They try to turn your hand over while they are shaking it. This means that they want to control the situation and control you.

Which kind of handshake do you have?

I’m the up-and-down kind. 🙂

Pixabay image

Your Presence Matters

I’ve always said this before to Isaac and other people: that we affect and impact people when we come into a room. To me this seems like a duh. But I guess not everyone is me. LOL! 🙂 We can’t just come into a room and hide. Isaac used to think that if he was quiet and sat in the corner that no one would notice him and he could just watch on. But it just doesn’t work that way, unless you are in a stadium full of people. When entering into a small space with people, either we bring into the room light or darkness. Our presence effects these people. Our body language, our countenance our smile (or lack thereof) speaks volumes. How comfortable you are in your own skin affects the gathering? Even if you’re just shy and sit there and don’t say a thing you are actually speaking volumes.

This is a HUGE subject. One that I should do a show on someday. One I could write a book about it. My conclusion is this: the trick is to forget about ourselves and look at the other person in front of us with love and more concern about how THEY are feeling at that moment then how you are feeling at that moment. It’s all about “other-centered-love.” Hmmm…. where have I heard that before? Who started that idea? The King of Love, of course! The One who made us to be little reflections of Them . . . bundles-of-other-centered-love!

Giver or a Taker?

The question really comes down to will you be a GIVER or a TAKER? Do we sit there and just let the group of that person feed us or do we contribute to the group or that private conversation? It’s actually a really big deal –– in ALL situations.

You will either make people feel comfortable with your presence or you will turn people away or you’ll make people feel very insecure and unloved. Even if you have no intention of doing that. People who teach Torah on YouTube need to learn this! So many of the pagan influencers have got this down. Why can’t believers understand this? I am so turned off by people who suck life out of a room. They drain me. Don’t be one of them. Let’s do what we were created to do–operate in love and know that our presence is powerful for good or bad!

Pixabay Imag

Eight stages of building rapport with someone

Rapport = a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Did you know that there are eight stages of building subliminal rapport with people? This happens always when you are getting to know new people. These are the phases and they can be processed through pretty quickly.

  • Tolerant
  • Neutral
  • Understanding
  • Identification
  • Liking
  • Seduction

Again, I think that believers should think about this more. There should be more care taken when entering too quickly into a friendship with a new believer “friend.”

Daddy (Isaac) came through town this afternoon! Got to spend a few hours with him before he went back to work. 🙂 Yay!

Meeting up with him at his delivery.

My Why. What’s Yours?

My instructor has a saying:

A strong enough WHY can bear any HOW.

I am working hard to bring my man home. We need to do life together! We need to have joy and prosperity in order to feel like we are living and being all the Papa Yah created us to be. We need change and movement! I know my WHY. Do you know your WHY? Why you are doing what you are doing? Why you are changing your habits to best serve your goals? Why do you get up in the morning?

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