The Real Rosh ha’Shanah!

Okay! So, this is what happens when you walk with Papa Yah and keep his calendar. Our plans are trumped by his Head of the Year witnesses (agricultural and astronomical).

We were not able to sight the New Moon either Friday night, Shabbat night or last night due to cloud cover. So, we just went with Michael Rood’s calendar that we had hanging on the wall––not thinking anything of it. But this morning, I finally got to work on the computer and checked emails. I saw that there was emails from Devorah’s Date Tree. After reading the fact that they did not sight the new moon in Israel and therefore it defaults to a 30-day month I jumped to Rood’s website and checked his posted calendar page. It took a while for Isaac and I to figure it out, but yep––TODAY is Rosh ha’Shanah, not yesterday. His printed calendar was wrong. His digital calendar online was updated. LOL! Oh well! That’s the way it goes. We do the best we can and join Papa as he smiles with us. I was staying off social media for a reason…..

The Calendar hanging on our wall
The updated calendar on Rood’s site

So now all the Spring Feast dates shift 1 day forward.

If we had sighted the new moon this past weekend we would have gone with that, but we didn’t so we go with when they sighted it in Israel.

We already took down our decorations. Isaac left for work this morning. Maggie went to school. She already had put in for time off work and school for the High Shabbats coming up. We had already paid for lodging and set our Unleavened Bread travel plans, which now need to be tweeked. A little bit of a headache, but I’m willing to accept them because I believe with all my heart that this Aviv barley / sighted moon calendar is the right one. The attraction with the man-made calendars (equinox etc) is for this very reason. Everyone wants to make plans and those other calendars make it easier to do that. Can’t make too solid of plans with the Creator’s calendar until AFTER Rosh ha’Shanah. This year, we took the chance and made plans BEFORE the Head of the Year. But we knew that we might need to tweek them, if needed. It’s needed. It’s done now. All is fine. 🙂 Now we’ll move on to preparing for Pesach. 🙂

Tips for Watching Home Movies and Photos at Rosh ha’Shanah

My 6018 Event Folder in Photos

Since I have a smart phone and can take a ton of photos and videos throughout the year it is a little tricky business keeping up on the organization of them.

One thing that I do is after every event (where I take a lot of pictures––which is pretty much all the time) I try to immediately take a few minutes afterwards and go through all the photos and videos I took and delete all the bad ones. I don’t want crappy photos and videos taking up space in my phone and eventually my computer. It’s when I procrastinate or forget to do this step that I end up spending hours later in the month sorting and deleting! 😦

My unwillingness to organize my media according to the Gregorian calendar also makes this aspect of organizing my photos and videos hard. Just letting the software organize them according to the date taken would be the easy thing to do, but it doesn’t exercise my brain and keep me on track with Yah’s Biblical calendar.

So, I choose to do something that I don’t think anyone else I know of does––I organize my photos according to HIS calendar. By HIS MONTHS, but it truly is THE KEY to helping me stay in sync with Papa. Since taking pictures and videos is a HUGE part of my life (all our lives now) I force myself to stay aware of HIS months and HIS years so organizing my photos and videos according to HIS rhythm.

I can find the first of the months easily on my phone because I take pictures of the new moon or of our celebration. This helps a lot! So, at Rosh ha’Shanah we just watch each month as a slideshow and can then remember what we did that month.

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  1. Great idea! My phone auto organizes it by gregorian calendar so I will have to figure out a way to change that but can definitely do that on my computer.

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