Grateful at Rosh ha’Shanah

I’ve Lived 14 Lives and Still Counting!

It is crazy how much a person can live in one year, that is if one actually risks to embrace life! I have been life-hungry since I was born.

Yesterday, my family and I started our journey into the past year by watching our home movies and pictures (as a slideshow) from Month One. This is the best way to begin to re-fresh our minds and hearts of the journey we have taken.

At the Oregon Coast last summer with a double rainbow over the ocean!

When we started watching the videos we couldn’t believe how Month One felt like FOREVER ago . . . getting banned from the library and moving the Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl Show to a storage unit! By time we got to Month Eight (when we had to flee our little log cabin) we were all in tears again––but ever so thankful that we are NOT there dealing with the mice all the issues that we endured for so long. What a change! What a beautiful life full of opportunity, love, tears, joy and change!

A few random favorite photos from the Garvin photo album this past year:


I’m so thankful for faithful friends! The photos and videos reminded me how much certain people were in our lives this past year! They filled our lives with love and good memories. I’m thinking especially of Wendy F., Karen B., Claire T., Livvy T. and Carin G. 🙂 I’m also super grateful for the Ladies of Teshuvah and especially my 6 MOD’s: Ali, Sherry, Shona, Sharmen, Shanna and Marie who have joined me in ministry and who have become Kingdom friends!

This ezer rescuing her zakar! 🙂

I’m so thankful for the beach time that we got this past year, the mountain hikes we took and the coffee dates we had. We are foodies and took so many pictures of great food Papa blessed us with. It was a good year!

An Erev Shabbat on the river

Some more random pictures from the Garvin photo album from this past year. So much happened in 1 year. It’s a little bit mind blowing! Thank you, Papa for a year full of beauty, movement, joy, tears and challenges! I love living! Thank you for dreaming the whole idea up! 🙂

San Francisco Bay

I’m Back!

I was up early before anyone else (nothing new LOL!) and I was stoked! An issue between Isaac and I feels resolved and I feel 100% well. I kept saying over and over, “I’m back! I’m back! Beware world, I’m back!” I sat on the couch and wrote my Yah Letter while the little lights from Hadassah’s tiki hut glowed in the dark apartment. What’s the letter I write? Well, we each try to write Papa a letter at Rosh ha’Shanah to thank him for life this past year and then tell him what we are hoping to see change in our life by next Rosh ha’Shanah. We fold it up, put it in the box and next year read it to see if we are closer to our goal and where he blessed. I have great hopes for this next year. Oh! Here’s a text I found about what we can consider blessing. Super interesting!

“The blessing of YHVH brings wealth without painful toil for it.”

Prov. 10:22

The glow of the Tiki Hut this morning

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