Town Day and a Rosh ha’Shanah Tiki Hut

I am 100%

I am so happy to say that today was my first FULL day at 100%! I believe that the intense probiotic treatments (5 days of 600 billion and now 30 days of 100 billion/day) plus regular Essiac and Moringa tea, some good sleep AND definitely Isaac coming home for the week was the perfect medicine I needed! I know his staying home for this week kept him from “falling off the container,” too. His stress level was super high at the beginning of the week and has slowly gone away as he has settled into being home and being okay with using some savings to cover this week. πŸ™‚

It felt so good to have a normal day for me! Full of “GO!” πŸ™‚ Not really my family’s speed, but it is mine and they nearly always like the fruit of my “GO!” mentality. But over the years I have learned that I must be careful HOW I approach them with what I want to accomplish in a day, because to them it’s like trying to stay on a spinning top. They will get nauseous and fall off if I tell them too much at a time. Though, in my head it’s all in a days work and stopping has to be a line-item on my To Do List. I wake up knowing exactly how much I fully intend upon doing in a day. It’s A LOT to them, but really just the basics to me.

If I’m not careful, my family will look at me like this when I tell them what I want them to do with me today.
LOL!:-) Pixabay image.

A Normal Day for Me

Up at 5:30am doing my morning routine (I’ll share that in a future blog). Saw Maggie off to school and then made homemade lasagna for breakfast. When I put it in the oven I decided to wake Hadassah and Isaac up at 7am to get started with the day as I knew it was going to slide by pretty fast if we didn’t rock-and-roll. I opened their doors and turned the music up as loud as I could in an apartment building. Then I turned the dogs loose on them. πŸ™‚ Hadassah does NOT like to be woken up before 8:30. But 1/2 the day is gone by then! There was only 3 hours before we had to leave for Hadassah’s dance class and my big town day and I needed to prep for Shabbat AND Rosh ha’Shanah some before we left!

Lots to do! I LOVE life!

Town Day

Prep Day (Friday) is payday and thus town day. I hate shopping in Spokane, so I shop in CDA when I take Hadassah to her ballet classes. I know business owners over there. It feels safer. It feels like home. I know where things are. So, we left home at 10am to drive the nearly 1 hour to CDA. To dance, to the bank, to the chiropractor, to get gas, to a few different grocery stores and to the hardware store. Get the mail, meet up with a friend and stop for a matcha. πŸ™‚ Back at home to walk the dogs and finish prepping for Shabbat and our New Year’s Day!

No Hot Springs for Us….

Isaac and I spent hours last night troubleshooting our Head of the Year tradition. We have made it a tradition to go to a hot springs before Rosh ha’Shanah. For weeks we have been planning to do that this Shabbat, as Rosh ha’Shanah is on Sunday (it’s raining out, there’s no way the moon will appear tonight). But unfortunately, we forgot that you actually have to make a reservation at the hot springs that is closest to us (about 3.5 hours away). But we forgot to make a reservation! Then we remembered late last night. We called and they are completely full for the entire weekend! We tried another great one called Ainsworth Hot Springs in Canada that is the same distance away. It’s just lovely up there. We’ve been before. You have to take an amazing ferry ride across Kootenai Lake to get there. I was imagining the fresh air of the lake and the wind in my hair on the ferry. It felt so good in my head. Our plans got all the way to talking with an Airbnb lady to stay with when we realized we couldn’t take our dogs across the boarder. End of story. 😦

We are so bummed! I was actually planning on that being our celebrations this year. Just a trip to the Hot Springs for Rosh ha’Shanah. I need simple and my family follows me. But how was I going to begin to engage the family in Rosh ha’Shanah without the hot springs idea? I was counting on that. I’ve been super busy with school and this is my year to pull it back––I don’t want to do a huge thing. But I woke up this morning with the Ruach ha’Kodesh giving me a simple idea on how to celebrate the Head of the Year without the hot springs! Rely on old traditions.

For me, our Feast traditions are always linked to inviting people, which causes most of the stress, trauma and sadness during Feast time. Though guests can also be the greatest thing and what I hope for at Feast time, most of the time is a heart breaker. So, this Sabbatical year –– I’m taking a break from this Feast-issue reality.

A New Idea!

The Ruach reminded me that we created Feast traditions for a reason. For us. Not our guests. And She reminded me that we have some great family Rosh ha’Shanah traditions! Just do those only with 1 change:

I was going to re-purpose my decorations. Instead, of a pinata full of organic treats for kids to bang at (as my girls are not into that anymore) and instead of strewing the Hawaiian them throughout the living room and house (as I don’t have the energy for that this year) the Ruach suggested that I contain it to one area and make it interactive for Hadassah’s sake. A fantastic idea! I was glad Isaac was here as he is super good at putting hooks into the walls. πŸ™‚ Here’s some pictures of my finished design. It really didn’t take long today to do and now we are all ready for Rosh ha’Shanah. We’ll just have a Hawaiian themed few days!

So, I turned my boxes of decorations into “Hadassah’s Rosh ha’Shanah Tiki Hut!” We bought lots of organic and healthy snacks and candies in town today for her hut. She can dish out goodies, make smoothies and pina colada’s and serve us from her hut. Simple. I wish I had lots of people to come to her hut, because I don’t think we can eat as much as she’d like to serve. LOL! Guests are not my goal this year––I’ll pick up that challenge gain next year. (The raffia hanging over the table is hanging from a line of yarn stretched between 2 hooks Isaac put in the wall. πŸ™‚

Erev Shabbat

Tonight I cleared off my desk, turned the couch and my computer around so that we could spend this Erve Shabbat watching a teaching I did last year about Rosh ha’Shannah. Man, am I thankful that I did these shows and videos! My head has been somewhere else and now I’m relying on my recorded knowledge as to what we should do and think about on Rosh ha’Shanah! Yay! πŸ™‚ Hadassah gets a kick out of seeing herself on YouTube.

Can’t see him, but Isaac is laying on the floor on the other side of Hadassah. πŸ™‚

What we watched tonight:

Busy Hacking at Weeds?

As I’m reading the Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi this spring I can see that intuitively I do MOST (not all––YET) of the things he shares that successful people do. One of the things I KNOW successful people do is time manage. I’ve always done my version of that––I’m learning how to do that better, but it definitely has been part of my lifestyle and something I’ve practiced ever since I was young. This was probably taught to me by my mom and the rigorous institutions I attended for nearly 20 years, but I’m not sure anyone taught me the healthiest WAY to be busy and the DIFFERENCE between kinds of “busy.”

Lots of “busy” just wastes time, this is called “getting lost in the weeds.” This Sabbatical year I’m being proactive in considering this aspect of time management. I don’t want to waste one breath that Papa is giving me. That’s one reason being sick is so hard on my heart –– I want to LIVE and being sick stops us from LIVING for a time. But in my class I’m learning that when building a real business I shouldn’t start with the logo and business cards. LOL! πŸ™‚ That’s what this artist girl always does. It’s the safe place, behind my art doing something I know I can do. But this is “getting lost in the weeds.” I’ll do that later after I begin making a profit (something else that I’m learning a business is for –– not to make money, but to make a profit. Who knew? πŸ™‚

On that thought….Gordon Pifher was the summer camp director who saved my literal life in my early 20’s. He had hired me to be waterfront director and counselor, which each by themselves were full-time jobs. But regularly he would ask me to do something extra like create a song drama for campfire, decorate the cafeteria as a ship for the upcoming banquet, take on organizing the beach staff party or babysitting a deaf kid all day while I was cleaning the pool. And one day after I lamented to him about how much he was asking me to do he said,

“If you need something done, ask a busy person to do it. They will get it done because they know how to time manage.”

Back then I didn’t realize it, but perhaps he should have clarified what he meant by “busy.” I now know that there is a difference between being busy “getting lost in the weeds” and “busy at being successful.”

I’m spending time in class this spring learning the difference.

Hadassah in her tiki hut serving us an Israeli style breakfast for dinner! πŸ™‚


Thank you, Papa for healing! Thank you for making the ezer kenegdo and the zakar to work as ehad so intimately as to even help each other heal physically! I love your design when it works the way you knew it could! Thank you for your Shabbat. I ask that your Ruach ha’Kodesh be here in her fullness so that it won’t be anything like last Shabbat as it was Shabbat Hell last week. Thank you for the tiki hut idea, I hope it gives the girls a good memory of this holiday – your Head of the Year.

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  1. marieeroh says:

    Do you all often eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast?

    so happy for you friend! may you continue to thrive in this new year!

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