A “Yah-Loves-Isaac” Trucking Story

Today’s blog is a treat … it’s a story Isaac wrote (literally he wrote it this week) about something cool that happened last week while he was trucking. I call all these kinds of things a “Yah-Loves-Isaac” moment. 🙂 The biggest struggle with trucking is — will he be home in time for Shabbat? Every once-in-awhile he get’s a chance to come home during the middle of the week. This story is about Papa arranging for him to be able to come home in the middle of the week last week for a night….

Pizza Isaac, Hadassah and I shared while doing errands downtown today 🙂

The following is a story written by Isaac

On Tuesday, March 26, 2019 I delivered a load to Lewiston, ID Home Depot. I didn’t waste any time in getting to the delivery, because even though I had a 6pm delivery appointment, I knew there was a chance of getting empty early. And I also knew there was a good chance that I would be deadheading straight to Spokane so I could make it home for Tuesday night if I could deliver early. (After 6:00 I would not have enough hours left on my day-clock to make it home.)

I arrived at about 1:00 and went straight to check-in. No luck!! 😦 Receiving said I would have to wait until after 6:00. As I walked back to the truck I checked with a forklift operator. Same answer.

Since I had time I went ahead and helped another driver fold up his tarp. He was having a bad day so I hope that helped lighten it up a little for him. I moved the truck out to an empty parking lot to wait the five hours until 6:00. I figured I’d wait until about 5:00 to remove my own tarps because there were clouds in the sky and I had drywall underneath.

I putzed around for the next couple hours and during that time my next load assignment came through— lumber out of St. Maries bound for Seattle. I wouldn’t be going home anyway so it no longer mattered 😦

But then, as sometimes happens, my load assignment got changed. Steel studs from Spokane to Seattle. Yay!! But would I be able to make it home tonight?

As I was sitting there waiting, something inside me (the Ruach ha’Kodesh) said,

“Go back inside and check again.”

I jumped into action. First I needed to get my tarps off so that I could tell them I was ready to go and they would have no excuse to wait, at least not on my account.

I went around the load and released all the tarp hold-downs. Just about the same moment I finished, an old pickup pulled up and parked right next to me. A man got out, walked right over and said, 

“I used to drive flatbed. I know what untarping alone is like.

I’m here to help.”

I just stared at him for a second with my mouth hanging open then blurted out,

“All right. Let’s do it.”

We made short work of it and when we were done he shook my hand, hopped in his truck and drove away. I don’t even know his name. He may as well have been an angel 😉

I booked over to receiving and there was a different person there to talk to. (I had hoped that would be the case.) I told him I was just checking to see if I could get unloaded.

“Let me make a phone call,” he replied.

After a quick call he said,

“Yeah. The guy who unloads the drywall just came on duty. He’s finishing up with another truck and will get you in 20 minutes. Go ahead and pull around.”

Yippee!! My hope was growing large now. Almost there. Now I’m almost sure of making it home. Just gotta get unloaded in a reasonable amount of time and we’re good!

I shouldn’t have worried about that though. Papa had a fabulous loader lined up. Sometimes you get someone at a store delivery who will take each pick all the way inside the store and carefully place everything the aisles before coming back 10 minutes later for the next pick…(frustrating.) But not this guy. He took everything off the truck and stacked it up right there behind the store.

“Are you going to move that inside after hours?” I asked.

“I’ll take care of it after you are gone, I always try to get you truckers unloaded as quickly as possible so you can get going, then finish dealing with the product.”

he said.

“That’s cool!”

I told him. (Good man.)

After that, it was just a matter of finishing the 2-1/2 hour drive back. I made it to the yard with an hour to spare and got home in time to spend a little time with the family before bed.

It was good.

“Thank you Papa!!”

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1 Response to A “Yah-Loves-Isaac” Trucking Story

  1. Must have been an angel😀
    Happy you got home to see your family.

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