Wisdom before Wealth

Isaac was looking through his old journals and found this. A little banter between me and the Ruach ha’Kodesh a long time ago. Isaac and I must have been using the same journal at the time. I believe this was a journal from when we were super poor, doing ministry and trying to figure our income out many years ago. The indented text is the Ruach ha’Kodesh speaking back to me.

I’ve always wanted money for the same thing — to have movement. That is my WHY. I’ve been trying to figure out the HOW for a long time, but the Ruach has wanted to give me wisdom first. I looked at Isaac after reading my journal entry above and asked, “So, do I have wisdom now?” He said, “YES!” So perhaps it is time. 🙂 That what I have felt in my heart about this Jubilee and Sabbatical year. Exciting!

April Fools Day is Pagan, People!

I’m sorry, but participating in “April Fool’s” jokes is keeping the rhythm of the pagans. Seriously, think about it people! A day set aside to do a certain thing for no Biblical reason. I can’t recall the origin of April Fools Day, but I’m sure it isn’t Holy. In fact, I’m 100% positive the Scriptures is not only against his people participating in any of the pagan rhythms, but also is against any form of “pranking” each other.

There is only one Narrow Path. The Scriptures makes it clear what calendar and what holiday rhythm we need to be following. Pixabay image.

Can’t Escape Calendar Non-sense!

Also, what is up with this Qumran calendar? No matter how far I try to get away from this calendar topic for my Sabbatical year it seems to find me. I’m only going to say that it’s amazing how far people will go to NOT just do what is in the Scriptures. People reject and condemn the Bible scholars like Nehemia Gordon, Michael Rood, Keith Johnson and all the rest of the people who have spent much of their life unpacking the term “aviv” and the many clues in the Torah about how to find the calendar in favor of unpacking and studying extra-Biblical sources. The audacity blows my mind!

The Qumran calendar (the calendar that they are “finding” in the Dead Sea Scrolls) is the Equinox calendar! It is calculated. It’s extra-Biblical. It ignores what the Scriptures plainly tells us to do to find the rhythm of the Feasts. It’s no better than the Patriarchal, Enochian, Gregorian or Rabbinical calendar. Following the Aviv Barley and Sighted moon calendar is the ONLY calendar that is Biblical. It’s hard, yes because you can’t plan your life ahead very far –– but THAT’S the POINT! We must stay in rhythm with Papa Yah and not run ahead of him! This is his provision for us to NOT do that!

A Logical Look at the Calenda

I’ve already done enough study and taught on this subject to put it to rest in my soul, but let’s just look at this logically for a second (literally, as I’m not going to delve into this here). If we are to celebrate (rehearse) the Passover on the same day of Papa Yah’s calendar then we know that to be the 14th day of the 1st month.

Passover is the 14th day of the 1st month.

He names the first month, Aviv / Abib.

Okay, the Hebrew slaves began their travel on the first High Shabbat of Unleavened Bread (the day after the Passover). They reached the Gulf of Aquaba on the final High Shabbat of Unleavened Bread (ULB) that same year.

Unleavened Bread is a CHAG Feast. Psalms 81 makes a distinction between the head of the month (Rosh Chodesh) being at a New Moon and a CHAG Feast being when the moon was full.

Chag literally means “feast and pilgrimage.” Clearly, one of the reasons Papa Yah made the pilgrimage Feasts during a full moon is so that his people would have light at night, making their travel easier and not so dark. As a society that has light pollution at night we forget that it can be super dark at the first and last of the month! But I have lived outside for years. I know how different the full moon’s light made our evenings in the middle of the month.

Yes, all during that Exodus out of Egypt the Hebrew slaves had the pillar of fire by night, but they also had the moon’s full light as well. But even that aside, Yah commanded Israel to travel up to Jerusalem at these 3 Feasts per year! It’s logical that all travelers would benefit from a full night light in the sky, as the pillar of fire wouldn’t be there year after year for all the generations of Israelites who would obey the command to travel home at the 3 Feasts.

I know people who celebrated Passover today. That’s nuts! It isn’t even the Head of the Year yet. The moon is waning and will be re-appearing in a few days to mark the Head of the Year. The full moon won’t be here for a few weeks.

Papa Yah’s calendar makes sense. Of course, there was probably a more equal calendar BEFORE the Flood, but the commands weren’t given until AFTER the Flood. I’ll stick with that until Papa restores it to the way it was when he created it.

My mindmap on Ps. 81

I feel that people who are celebrating the Feasts according to the equinox (qumran, enochian etc) are completely ignoring some logic. You can’t make the Book of Enoch, Jasher, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Scripture always line up with every issue. The Scriptures trump all other texts for me.

It’s a Narrow Path, people. If you are on it, stay on it. Don’t look around for things that glitter. All is not gold. And stop looking like a “she-camel-in-heat!”–– running to and fro for the next best teaching that is NOT according to the Instructions in the Torah (in fact, this is mentioned in the Melchizedek Covenant when it says, “…in the month of Aviv you shall celebrate the Passover….”.

“Thou shalt keep the feast of unleavened bread: thou shalt eat unleavened bread seven days, as I commanded thee, in the time appointed of the month Abib; for in it thou camest out from Egypt: and none shall appear before me empty…”

Ex. 23:15

I’m really sad about this. Makes my heart sink as I was wanting to spend the Holy days with family and now the family that has repented has left the Creator’s Calendar (Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon) to keep a strange calendar.

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