Hyssop and Playing Catch

Last year I discovered that hyssop acts as a decongestant. It will dry you up! It helps to break up phlegm. 🙂 Something I’ve been struggling with since being sick. I got the tincture the other day instead of the herbal caps. And it is working great!

Hyssop is in the Passover story. I think one of my MOD’s, Sherry wrote an article about the role hyssop plays in the Spring Feasts. Pretty cool! And I was told that hyssop is the same thing as za’atar, an herb that we fell in love with while we were in Israel. It grows like a weed over there. I bought lots and took some of the actual plant home with me on the plane. It’s lovely fragrance was in the house for awhile. Can’t find the same kind of fresh and green za’atar here. We’ve got to go back to Israel and get more from Dina and the Olive Press we went to. That is the best!

Sun came out. Made an organic chicken dish for my starving husband. Played some catch. That was good. We have a way to go to heal this family from what happened yesterday. It will just take time and some stress relief for Isaac.

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1 Response to Hyssop and Playing Catch

  1. marieeroh says:

    Shabbat is being attacked for many. our family had been having simular struggles as yours. my heart and prayers are with you all!

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