Using the Concept of Transliteration

My favorite Spring tree! Even though it’s been warm, the trees aren’t blooming yet at all. Pixabay image.

Part of the “homework” in the class I am taking is this Better Life Challenge and reading the book, Millionaire Success Habits. And honestly, I’m really loving both of them. As a mature believer who is solidly grounded in what the Scriptures says I can really allow what Dean and my other teacher is saying to impact me without getting my panties in a holy bunch.

I made this for Dean’s FB group

Greek vs Hebraic Methods

Honestly, it feels like I am re-visiting John Eldredge’s writings only this time with methods and recipes for literal life application. Ransomed Heart Ministries understands the heart and does a lot of unpacking the Story we were born into. I am super grateful to them for what they did for us 15 years ago. Unfortunately, they missed the Truth about Covenant and what we have been set free to do (obey), but what I didn’t see until now is that John’s books don’t go into real-life application of the concepts. At least not more than encouraging prayer and journaling. But 15 years later, I’m realizing that more direction would have been helpful––especially for Isaac.

It feels like the difference between a Greek mindset and a Hebraic one. Ransomed Heart is about head knowledge (the Christian way) and Dean’s book feels more about heart knowledge (the Hebraic way). I say that because Millionaire Success Habits seems to be about transforming that head knowledge into heart and hand knowledge. It is about applying the knowledge to literal doing––which is something I am big on when I teach. Though it’s not advertised as a religious book I think it is Dean’s ministry.

A necessary skill in today’s world

As I read his book I just transcribe a few things the same way I do when I read the Scriptures. When I read the Bible and it says “God, Lord, Holy Spirit” or “Jesus” I know what to replace those with, “Elohim, YHVH, Ruach ha’Kodesh” and “Yahshua.” It’s what I do. It’s what my kids do when they read the NIV or KJB Scriptures. I don’t throw those Bibles out, because it uses words that I know were not in the original text. I’ve got a work-around. It’s called transliteration. Okay, I’m using the term transliteration loosely here, but for example: when Dean talks about the “inner villian” who wants to steal, kill and destroy I know that he is really talking about ha’Satan! When he talks about the “inner hero” who wants to bring life to me I know he is talking about the Ruach ha’Kodesh. A mature person and believer can do this. Perhaps not for the young.

With this ability to “transliterate” words and concepts that are super good I can walk through the world gleaning, learning and applying knowledge to my heart and hands that the Ruach ha’Kodesh wants me to. With the ability to keep what the Hebrew Scripture teaches as the filter that I pass everything through and with the ability to “transliterate” I then feel free to move throughout the world learning and growing with shalom and joy –– not hiding and shunning with anxiety and fear.

I hope that makes sense. It’s freedom. Maturity is freedom.

CDA lake and my boots

Laid on the CDA beach today for a few moments between errands. Didn’t need my boots. Didn’t know how hot it was going to be. 🙂

I’m moving all my Modern Pioneering videos to our new channel. Have you seen this one?

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  1. Amen about your definition of transliteration!!! I was trying to kind of explain this concept to a friend on facebook just yesterday. I wished I had these words lol No matter what I see (even though I do limit the things I am exposed to) there are times when I see a movie or news or something and can glean out the worldly or evil to discard but keep the lessons the Ruach surfaces to my mind with the reminder of relevant scriptures and biblical concepts.

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