A Servant’s Heart, Besties and 2 Bogo’s Later

I don’t even really know what a Bogo is. The first time I heard the word I thought it was a kind of animal or perhaps a fruity drink. The only time I’ve really heard the word used in a context was when my friend Karen B. –– my DoTerra Lady –– texts me about a “Bogo” deal. I have no idea why it exists, who started it, when it started or what “Bogo” means. I don’t know what “B-O-G-O” stands for. Mostly, I just don’t care. I don’t even know if I am to write “Bogo’s” or “Bogos.”

I’m out-of-the-loop. Purposefully. We don’t have a T.V. We don’t listen to the radio. We don’t go to the Theater. We don’t read the newspaper. We don’t have news apps or listen to Podcasts and I’m staying off Facebook as much as I can this year. I own the best of the best phones, computers and software which I consider TOOLS that I use to work, to create, to do school and to do ministry –– not to surf, be commercialized-to-death or be entertained. I am a “get-in, get-out” kind of shopper. I don’t sit and gaze at the posters, advertising and deals in the stores or online.

You probably would not like going shopping with me.

I don’t shop. I hunt.

I have a list. I know exactly where it is. I get it and get out. If the store changes things up, I get upset.

My girls will tell you it’s really no fun to shop with me. LOL! 🙂

Not me. Heehee!
Pixabay image.

I have a Kingdom reason for these choices and habits that I have made, but all that said, every once-in-awhile I collide with the world and am forced to pay attention. So, over the months I have slowly figured out that “Bogo” is a marketing strategy. You get a certain FREE item when you make a specific kind of purchase.

Okay, today I got Bogo-ed. This is the story of this hippy Hebrew “I-don’t-want-to-be-downtown” girl having an epic Bogo day.

A little hot tea to start the day

The Challenge

So to start my story . . . the Challenge this morning was to do something else for others without thought to what you would get in return. I’m really liking this BetterLifeChallenge! I think it is great practice to “take our thoughts captive” as the Scriptures say to do. Please join me in the Challenge! And if you have joined me DO each day’s challenge! You are actually helping me get into a drawing for a prize. Seriously. I never do this. But I’ve ran the numbers and if all my people would DO it everyday I could get into the drawing. I think this is fun. 🙂

Well, this morning I decided to focus on this challenge and do a couple things out of the ordinary for others. One of those things was to roust the girls early and take them to a bakery for a morning tea and treat.

As we were sitting there I asked Maggie what she would be doing for the Challenge today. I decided to suggest to her that she interpret for me today so I could do errands in town.

Okay, hearts won with an amazing black bean brownie and pistachio almond scone. Oh my!

The Teenager – my Interpreter

I have been signing instead of speaking since Tuesday when I saw Bruce at Costco. At home it is fine, but out and about it is a different story. I need an interpreter. When Maggie puts her mind to it she ,and Isaac, can read sign better than anyone else around me. They don’t sign, but they can read it. But getting either of them to help me by interpreting for me in the outside world is a challenge.

Probably like most teens, it’s best when they chose to do something instead of Mom forcing it. Today Maggie’s chose to take me up on my idea. Because she is doing the BetterLifeChallenge too (and because she was in a good mood from the special drink and treat this morning) she decided that she could complete the Challenge today by interpreting for me on my errands today. That’s a big deal. To help another person communicate and understand something –– that is really putting yourself in a servant’s position. It was awesome! Maggie was amazing today! She cared about me. She cared about helping me communicate with lots of strangers. That is a big deal for her. She doesn’t like talking to strangers –– ever, but today she was a pro at it.

I’ll come back to this story. First . . .

What’s your reaction to an ASL signer?

I have noticed that few things happen when people (friends or strangers, it doesn’t matter) discover you are going to sign to them and not speak. The first thing they do is they instantly get quieter. They lower their voice. Weird. Why do they do that? I really don’t know.

Then they look at you like they really can’t figure out what you are saying. Really? Sign is a smarter language than stupid English or any other language for that matter. Sign is intuitive. It’s not that hard to get the gist – if you are paying attention and WANT to understand. The issue that I see is that it requires too much WANT. It takes too much interaction to communicate with a deaf person. It’s too easy to just avoid eye contact and use your ears to hear what is being said. But you have to actually pay attention to a signer. You can’t do two things at once when talking to a deaf person.

To read sign takes shifting from using only your hearing to using other senses like sight, body expressions, intuition, engagement, heart and the desire to TRY to understand––not to mention getting your own hands out of your pockets! It’s an all or nothing language. The listener has to be way more engaged when talking to a signer. That’s the problem. We don’t like to focus that much on another person. It takes too much energy.

Really. And REALLY?

I think it is a fun thing I’m doing as it forces people into a decision. Will they engage and try to understand me AND what I’m saying or will they reject the conversation and simply try to get to the other side of the conversation and hope I walk away quickly allowing them to leave that uncomfortable situation?

The sign for call or phone. Pixabay image.

If you ever get to talk to a deaf person …

If you have a blessed chance to talk to a deaf person, get your hands out of your pockets and try to repeat IN SIGN what they are saying. Try! Try! Try! Smile at them. Use your voice and hands and repeat what you think they are trying to say. Care about them. Care about understanding. Stay focused on them until you do understand AND they know you get it. Don’t let your eyes shift around. Don’t rush. Most deaf people take more time with conversation than hearing people. For many it’s a whole body experience. So don’t get freaked out with their emotions or facial expressions. They are trying to tell you how they feel or what they need. They are painting a picture for you in the air. Ask them to go slower — they will! They will love you. And you will LOVE them. They want you to know their language. They want you to try to learn it. It’s the most wonderful language around!

2 New Phones and 2 Bogo’s Late

Okay, back to the story.

Since we were downtown and since Maggie was willing to interpret for me today we went to the Verizon store as I’ve been needing to deal with our phone situation for a long time. I won’t drag you into the why or what. But the class I’m in this Spring is forcing me to deal with it this week. I can’t continue with the class until I deal with this issue. I’ve been putting it off because of my voice. I’ve got another few weeks of healing before I can start using my voice again. I knew it would take hours and lots of talking with a salesperson. I knew I would come out of the store with a new contract and a larger monthly bill, but I’ve put it off long enough. So, I’ve not known what to do until Maggie said she would help.

So, after our tea and treat we found ourselves downtown in the Verizon Store getting Bogo deals on iPhones. I had no idea there were Bogo’s today. But what a better way to get the family taken care of? In the end, I got great deals today. Papa sent out the kind store manager to help us. She was super kind and sweet. She really tried to understand me. Her name is Bree. She spent 5 hours with us (my phone situation is complicated). Maggie stayed with it and interpreted the whole time. All I know is that I was so impressed with Maggie’s love today that I upgraded her OLD phone, too.

New contracts and 2 Bogo’s later I now have what I need to continue on with my class and do what Papa has led me into for my Jubilee year.

It was a long day. We were all very tired. I think Maggie ran down to feed the meter 5 times. Hadassah hung out with us and was a trouper, too. Not my favorite way to spend a day, but necessary. We bee-lined home afterwards to get refreshed with food and a break before the girl’s Besties showed up for a sleepover……

Livvy, Claire, Hadassah and Maggie, BEST FRIENDS


They say if you have 1 good friend you are a lucky person. My girls have that! Their best friends happen to be sisters! These 2 sets of sisters are best friends! All 4 girls are ballet dancers. And might I add that they are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l dancers! Dance is a HUGE part of their lives. In fact, that is how they met: Long ago I was looking for babysitters from the senior dance class at the studio that my girls were a part of. Claire and Livvy’s 2 older sisters (Callie and Elianne, also beautiful dancers) ended up babysitting for me. They would come over and bring their 2 little sisters (Claire and Livvy). It was love at first sight. Ever since they have pretty much been in-separable.

So, the girls came over to our new apartment for a sleepover today after our long day downtown getting my phone situation dealt with. Oh my! Teenagers never sleep. I’m in bed at 8pm. Who knows when they went to bed? Okay, I did come out at 11:30pm and shooed them to bed. 🙂 But who knows what they jabber about and laugh about for hours. I never had a bestie girlfriend when I was young. So, I have no idea. 🙂 But that’s okay. I’m super thankful for them.

A few pictures (I have hundreds) of the 4 of them when they were little. Super cute! Super thankful for their friendship for my girls! It has been a lonely walk, but my girls have been blessed with best friends!

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2 Responses to A Servant’s Heart, Besties and 2 Bogo’s Later

  1. marieeroh says:

    i just learned that BOGO means buy one get one either free or half off or something. LOL

  2. V Clough says:

    Those pictures are so heart warming. Praise YAH for good friends. Loved the story today, sign language is a beautiful art. I did a little on my jr. Year of school.

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