Jacob Maxwell

Jacob Maxwell

With Jacob Maxwell this morning.

Jacob Maxwell. Who knew? Jacob is a young adult who I’ve chatted with before at local coffee shops. Always thought there was something special about him. Saw him today at my favorite place to get matcha. A few weeks back he made me my tea when I came through the drive-thru where of course, I quizzed him about his life and girlfriend. But until yesterday I had no idea he was a singer or that he had done something extraordinary. I’ve not heard him brag. Yesterday Maggie came across The Voice and showed me a picture of a guy who was from Coeur d’Alene who had competed. She said, “Man, he looks so familiar!” So, I said, “show me his picture and maybe I can help you place him.” Low and behold! It was Jacob! Since we don’t have a TV I don’t stay up on things like this. Found out that he competed on the Voice last February and is going on to the Battle Rounds this next week (whatever that is… LOL!). This morning, as I waited to order my matcha, I got educated as he told me all about how The Voice works and how he been sworn to secrecy. He could tell me only so much (he couldn’t tell me how the battles turned out, as they are all pre-recorded). So I don’t know if he gets to go onto the next challenge.


One thing that I’m noticing is that the Ruach ha’Kodesh is giving me new nuggets of wisdom this Sabbatical year. Chatting with Jacob today my heart was impressed that I must stay quiet until the result of my own goals this year are history. There is a beauty to silence until the proper time. I don’t need to brag about it I just need to do it. Jacob is such a chill guy. I want to be like that this year. This is his performance below. When I talked to him this morning I had never heard him sing. Now I know that I’ll be buying an album from him as I LOVE his voice.

“Headache!” be Gone!

Headache begin to settle into my head this morning. I love it when I go to the chiropractor and leave headache free. Which was the case this morning! I love my chiropractor!

Done with the Anti-biotics!!

Done with my 10 day antibiotic treatment. Still looking to get all of my voice back, but feeling lots better finally. So tomorrow I start a five-day heavy duty probiotic build up of 400 billion a day then I’ll scale back down to 100 billion a day for a month. I’m cleaning up my gutt from the drugs and getting all the good bacteria built back up again. Wish I had done a clean up for Maggie when she was little after her stint with anti-biotics.

The lake today on my walk. Yes, that is snow. 🙂

Beautiful Springtime in CDA, ID

It was such a lovely day! Everyone is out. I saw people stopping what they were doing to close their eyes and put their face toward the sun. I saw a ton of people out walking, biking, laughing and smiling. We truly suffer with the gray, cold and darkness of winter. You can’t tell me that there was the 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall in the Garden of Eden. People who make this arguement are not logical. Paradise is not snow. Paradise is not -10º with a windchill of stupid cold. Paradise is not grey, cloudy days that hang on forever. That’s not what Yahovah is talking about in Genesis. He is talking about the Mo’edim / Appointments — definitely NOT “seasons” as we know it.

I Love You, Papa!

Have a wonderful Shabbat, YHVH Elohim and Israel! I’m off to take the commanded rest. This is the way I feel about you Papa, Ruach ha’Kodesh and Yahshua! “You” by Randy Edelman. Dedicated to you, Elohim.

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