Isaac’s Home Early!

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Morning routine – getting nailed down!!

Talked to Papa – with hands open wide!!

Attended class – inspired!!

Did my homework – wish I could do it faster!!

Walked the dogs – pooped like too much!!

Wore RED lipstick – I felt bold today!!

Bible Study – Hadassah read about the Jubilee year to me!!

Talked with a friend – on the phone!

Ditched the boots – for flip flops!

Sunbathed – reduced my stress!!

Noticed Maggie – is growing up!!

Bought goat milk – at a local mom and pop store!!

Isaac came home – a day EARLY!!

Had haystacks – with Hadassah AND Isaac!!

Consulted with Apple Tech – for way too long!!

Going to bed – with my hubby!

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The Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl :-)
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1 Response to Isaac’s Home Early!

  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Shabbat Shalom. Hugs and love💗

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