Blue Skies, 81º and Snow

I sound like a weather report.

Today I got to do my very favorite thing to do! I got to lay in the sun and read a book – by a pool (not in the truck, like I did yesterday–– LOL!) It was a textbook for my class, but I was thrilled to be able to lay out and bake in the sun. The sun makes me feel alive! My skin is coming out of hibernation now. Olive oil makes my skin so soft and just a little bit of exposure begins to prepare my skin to be a solar pane this summer. This is one of my Spring habits for health — I begin exposing my skin to the sun slowly starting as soon as there is enough warmth and sun to lay out. Texting Isaac a picture of me in the sun is good for his heart. He’s happy when his ezer is happy. 🙂 Though I’d be happier if he had been there with me today.

Actually, I believe that we have skipped Spring this year. It was 81° today––like wear a dress and flip flops kinda day. Last week it was around 15° and freezing –– like wear a hat, gloves and boots kind of week!! It sounds like it’s raining everywhere, but it’s just the snow melting off the roofs and roads. It’s a wonderful sound! This weather is as nuts as the people living here!

This morning I finished my first cross-reference study in my new Bible. I just love having this new Bible that the Ladies of Teshuvah bought me for my birthday. I’m going to put all my studies into it so that I have access to prove what I believe with me all the time. 🙂

On my walk by the CDA Lake tonight — the moon was HUGE!

Ain’t that a beautiful full moon?

I have been slowly processing this year I am entering. And I am so very excited about what is happening. But I’ve decided it’s not safe to share what I’m doing or how I feel about it publicly, because people are too free with their opinions and position themselves to sit in judgment of me and the journey that Papa has me on.

I did make a horrible mistake earlier this week and shared publicly with my ministry audience what I am doing––inviting them into something I should have kept to myself. I’m just so used to inviting people to love what I love. The backlash was not what I expected. And for sharing something so personal I’m very sorry to myself and my family. I will be separating myself even further from my ministry audience in order to accomplish my goals for this year. But I suppose it’s all part of learning how to do this year. It’s part of my training. I didn’t know. I didn’t think it would be a problem. But in order to preserve my enthusiasm, in order to not have to explain myself over and over to people I don’t know and in order to protect my heart this year I will not be sharing that part of my story in my blog.

Night night! Yah bless!

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3 Responses to Blue Skies, 81º and Snow

  1. Oh Thank Yah! I thought you were saying you were not going to share your journey with us. I was going to be so sad. I love you and your family and feel a connection through Elohim to you and your family as the family of Ephraim. 🙂 I and I am sure all of us want to know about the things that hurt you or bother you as well as your joys and victories so that we can pray for and with you. I think that is what the fellowship is all about. Our hearts are all so connected, even though, we may be miles and miles apart but in the heavenly realm there is no distance and like John said there is not even any sea that separates us because we are all 1 in Him. 🙂 The body needs to know the needs so whichever part can help that part has the opportunity to help.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Thank you, Rebecca! Your words are healing. Love you!!! 🙂 I sent out an invite to the BetterLifeChallenge through our TM database, so I wasn’t talking about the Ladies of Teshuvah here but the larger database of TM subscribers and their reactions to my invite. But I learned! 🙂 All is well in my heart — Thanks for your kindness, Rebecca!

  3. Rebecca Dalelio says:

    Your heart belongs to Yahovah. He is the only one who should hold sway over it. It is not mine to take, nor would I ever intentionally try to harm it. We have a responsibility to our hearts to protect them. Women who are in this group CARE about you, DEEPLY. We only want to GIVE to you, as evidenced in our actions. Those who want to take from you have a corner on the market. They make their way into your affections, steal your time, energy and joy and leave you in the lurch at the end. Women have endured this for ages. You established teshuvah ministries to help them break free from the bondage of religious tyranny. Most of this religious tyranny comes from not being able to freely express opinions without fear of derision or shunning. The enemy causes division by stealing our affections from Yah and family. Do not let the opinions of others affect your spirit. If your path is true, then it should not matter what others think. Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

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