My First-Ever Sour Dough Bread

It is almost time for me to go to bed, but as I’m writing I’m waiting on my first-ever sour dough bread to finish baking. I started starter last week and finally today it was ready to use to make bread. It literally took all day to get ready to bake, but man is it good! I can’t believe how good it is! I just took it out of the oven and shot this picture. I had to eat it. It is amazing! I can’t wait to share some with Isaac when he gets home.

It was a balmy 61º this afternoon! And the sun was calling me! It was, of course too cold to lay on the cement and there’s still lots of snow on the ground, but it was summer-warm inside the truck. So I made a bed in the back of the truck and sunbathed! I’m serious. Beach towel, olive oil, swim suit, flip flops. The works! I feel human again because I have warm skin and a sun-kissed face! I’m nuts!

Maggie snuck out and took a picture of my feet, sandles and towel. She said she knows of no other mom who would do this. LOL! Yes, I am a little unique, but this weather is making me go insane, me thinks! I’m loosing my mind! I think we are going to go from serious deep freeze to summer in just a few days. The huge changes in temperature is hard on a body. Maggie is now sick. Bummer! I’m such a slave to the weather. But actually, it’s just that I know we weren’t made to exist inside. My heart wants to be outside and my body needs the sun for energy. The sunshine makes me feel good. The cold and grey and I don’t get along very well anymore.

I think I’ll become a snow bird and fly South for the winters from now on, because I just can’t take this anymore.

It really was a great day! I started one of my online courses that I’m taking this Sabbatical and the first assignment was to enter a 30-day “Better Life” challenge. I’m in! I’m so excited to change and for hope realized! Please join me (I get points if you join and do this with me!) with this link:

Thanks for joining me! 🙂 I’m going to go have another bite of bread before bed.

“Papa, something I woke up thinking was that I want to change the thought I get every morning of “I have so much to do!” to “I get to spend time with you!” Help me this year make this shift to where I used to be with you. I want to just hang out with you again––at least for this season of my life––then we’ll get back to fighting battles together. Night! Love you with all of me!”

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2 Responses to My First-Ever Sour Dough Bread

  1. Jodi Graham says:

    I will have to live vicariously thru your description of this yummy looking bread!!! yay!!!

  2. Jodi Graham says:

    Sunshine and outdoors is giving me a new outlook! Not afraid to be outside anymore!!! Love your prayer Rebekah!!!

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