Been in Such a Rut!

I’ve sorted the apartment down to our room. My life is looking sorted, organized and happy again. It’s been needing mamma’s attention for a very long time. One thing I know is that I can’t move on to the next thing in life unless I account for and take stock of my domain and what I already have… sort it and clean it up. So, I’m into a stretch of organizing my domain with my renewing energy after being down for so long. Thankfully, it’s going fast as I only have a small 2-bedroom apartment to go through. I’ll attack the storage units another day….

I started with my clothes today. OMG! I always push my things until last. I’m not sure if that is good or bad. I emptied my closet into the living room to sort. I always do that. When I begin deep cleaning my home. I go methodically room-to-room. I empty the room I’m going to work on into another room and then clean and sort as I put things back.

Most of the floor space of my closet is milk crates. I don’t own a dresser. Haven’t for as long as I can remember. This is the hippy part of me –– not Isaac’s preference. He would like to have normal life with normal bedroom furniture. But I’m not normal and I’ve lived out of milk crates and on a mattress on the floor since college and I’ve never had the money (or wanted to spend money on) for stuff like that. I’ve I haven’t had a bed frame since I left home at 19. I may be changing my opinion on this, but we will see.

As I was sorting through my piles of clothes today I clearly saw that I have been in a major rut the past few years! I have so many clothes, but I wear the same thing over and over. Why? I think it’s because I’ve been in such a hurry and all I do is throw on whatever is on the top. And what is on the top is what I took off yesterday. Can we say, lazy Rebekah!

Half my closet is Feast clothes and Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl Show clothes. I don’t wear these items everyday, so I’ve put them all in a box for storage until next year. I need some margins, people!!!

Also, I have clothes that I DON’T EVER WEAR taking up space in my very small closet. Why do I keep them? I just haven’t been honest about some of my clothes. Some I really don’t look good in. Some of them fit Hadassah, not me. Some are just not my style. Some I’ve had for waaaaay toooooo long.

This year is all about freedom and change. So, I’m looking at my clothes and belongings a little differently. Today I’m going to put in my give-away pile many of my “go-to’s” and all the items I don’t like. This is a good excuse to breathe some new life into my wardrobe. I’ll go shopping this year. Hey, that sounds fun!

I always get the itch to do a Spring cleaning before Pesach and a Fall cleaning before Trumpets. Pretty cool to have the home ready for the Feasts.

Clean domain.

Clean heart.

Happy family.

Ready to attack a new adventure!

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