A Shabbat with Shalom

How did we spend this Shabbat? It was easy because it was over 43º outside! Yay!! Outdoors here we come! And I finally feel alive. Energy is nearly all back.

This is a greenhouse we visit every winter to see the pretty flowers and we can’t help but take pictures of every flower. YHVH Elohim is just such amazing artists!

Made some new furry friends.

Had a snow picnic in the warm sun with the girls. My voice is 80% back now.

Isaac got to be out of the truck and have a beautiful Shabbat where he was. BTW – that’s not him surfing the waves. He was just strolling and watching the crazy people play in the river.

Early in the morning Mags and I did a Hebrew word study and finishing my first cross-reference study in my new Bible!

Hadassah loves Maggie. They both have braces! Wow! This is the girls room this morning. Guess who’s bed is whose?

It was a great Shabbat with the girls, but I miss Isaac. We shared it best we could through FaceTime, but my dream is to bring him home. That’s my plan for this year — to change our life and bring my lover back home to live life with me again.

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