Walking with the Dogs

Maggie finished her drawing. It’s beautiful!

Why is that when you walk with dogs they have to go potty like 5,000 times? LOL! It’s so hard to actually go on a walk with them. I feel that we are so at odds with each other when we go out on a nice day for a stroll like we did today.

But I re-noticed something walking with our dogs today…they like to sniff. Everything. Multiple times. They go from the left side of the sidewalk to the right side. They see a tree and they want to sniff it (and then pee on it). But oh, the bush over there looks good to check out! And so it goes.

But all I want to do is walk in a straight line. I want to get from point A to point B. I want to get into a nice walking rhythm –– but not them. They want to smell, stop, change direction and bark at everything. It’s not my preference.

Smelling the flowers from my birthday weekend still!

But I think that I will try to be more of a dog this Sabbatical year. As I’m working towards my goals this year I shall smell the flowers on both sides of the path as I go. Okay, the dogs aren’t interested in the smell of flowers and I won’t be peeing on the flowers, but I think I will take this little thought into this next year.


The house is looking organized and clean. I’m taking stock of what I have. My voice is returning slowly. Girls are happy. Isaac is provided for. Sunny day. Shabbat dinner is waiting….

Happy Shabbat, World!

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2 Responses to Walking with the Dogs

  1. Rebekah says:

    I had no idea……

  2. Olivier says:

    They do that if they’ve been fixed late to mark their territory. My male dog was fixed at 2 and he’s a marking maniac on walks. The females were fixed early and they don’t do that.

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