Today and Me

The Weather and Me

Woke up at 4:30am. Crawled back in bed as I’m in a faze of making some new habits and my body needs to know that 6:00am is the time to get up now.

Trees by our steps. I don’t see green grass or daffodils anywhere. But at least it was a sunny day! 🙂

Cold –– again. This just can’t be March. Stepped outside in the early morning light to over 4 inches of new snow on everything––including our rigs. When I was a little girl I remember March being green, rainy and our daffodils would be growing on the warm side of the house. Not here. Why do I always start off by talking about the weather? Me thinks it was because I was traumatized by weather when we lived outside in the teepee.

Long story. Smile.

50 and Me

I have spent the last 2 months preparing for my launch into a new season of my life. Getting off social media and all my ministry responsibilities. That is a job in and of itself. I am looking forward to a major change. This year I am seeking a true jubilee! I want my heart to sing with joy from what I will be set free from! How often does one turn 50?


According to the Scriptures, 50 is a time of returning to your own land, being set free from slavery and having all your debt forgiven. It’s a time of refreshment, joy and release.

“O, Papa! More than anything I want my heart to sing with joy! I have loved working for you, but I am tired. And I am longing with every fiber of my being for your blessing of rest, movement and change for my little family. Thank you for what is in store. This week I’m just going to get strong and well.”

Maggie and Me

I saw Maggie’s post on Instagram today about my birthday:

My gorgeous mom turned 50 yesterday. (But seriously she looks 30😍) I am so thankful that I get this amazing, spiritually focused, strong, loving, beautiful, courageous, dedicated, fun, and creative women for my mom…I’m very blessed. As is she, with a beautiful heart. She knows where her greater loyalties lie, she knows who she works for and why, she is one of the few women I know who can fight this spiritual battle we live in, and fight it good! She works along side The King while taking care of her family and our needs. She has done so much with her life, yet still looks picture perfect! Happy birthday to the best and prettiest mom! Love you❤️

Okay, I’m undone. I love you, Maggie! She had finals in 2 classes today so afterwards we celebrated with another sauna treatment!

The view from Spa Spokane today

The Scriptures and Me

I am LOVING my new Bible that the Ladies of Teshuvah bought me. I’m so scared that I will mess it up that I’m starting with a pencil. I am going to use this Bible to cross-reference all kinds of subjects so that I will have my studies and notes in one place on things like the Ezer Kenegdo, the Change in Priesthoods, Death etc… I’m loving spending time in the morning doing this.

I’m hoping tomorrow my voice will start returning. I’ve been signing — so people think I’m deaf. I miss my deaf friends. I miss talking with them. I miss teaching ASL. Maybe I’ll go back to learning sign language again. Perhaps that will be one of my upcoming 12 lives. Having a reason to be quiet and not talk has been a blessing. I wouldn’t want it to be this way forever, but for a time I’m feeling blessed. 🙂

Modern Pioneering and Me

Oh yes, one more thing….I toggled back and forth between deep cleaning the kitchen and editing a video for our new Modern Pioneering YouTube Channel while Hadassah was busy. I’m getting more and more excited about it. I’m loving getting my energy back from this horrible illness I have had. I’m feeling human again. 🙂 Praise YHVH Elohim! 🙂

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