Done with the Sickie!

The girls were wired from the party yesterday. So they were up late last night chatting together and laughing. Super good mood they were in.

Everyone slept in, except me. I didn’t sleep good at all. Woke up worse than yesterday. No voice what-so-ever. Felt like crap.

I’m done. This has been going on way too long. So, I caved and went to the doctor. It’s a community clinic I went to 10 years ago for the same thing, I think. They take drop-ins and charge $59 for a 1-issue check up.

I drove 1 hour to the clinic. They were full with appointments until 4pm. It was 11:30am. But the waiting room was nearly empty. I didn’t know I had to call in at 9 to get a spot in line. The lady at the counter said I could fill out the paperwork and they would get my vitals and then I could come back.

I had nothing to do there and I didn’t feel up to waiting around for 4 hours to get in. “Papa! If you want me to get medications for this let me get in now. If not, I’ll go home.” I sat and filled out the paperwork and then the nurse called me back to get my vitals. He made me leave my big boots on when he had me step on the scale. Ugh! That added 5 pounds to my weight. Depressing.

He then escorted me back to a room and said the doc would be right in.

Really? I said nothing. I just followed. It was clear Papa wanted me here. In a few minutes the doc came in. I checked out good except I have laryngitis and “just can’t get rid of this crud” condition. I never really heard a “diagnosis” like I was expecting — walking phenomena or bronchitis. I don’t need a label though. That’s one reason I stay away from doctors. Don’t want to hear I have a “condition.” I’m just sick people!

She looks at my birth date and takes a double take at me. “No way! You’re not 50! I thought you were 28 or 30!” She stared at me in unbelief the entire visit, giggling every time she looked at me. I looked like hell. I showed her 2 pictures from the weekends parties and she threw her hands up and said I was like “Miss America!” LOL! Her fascination with me led to her knowing my parents and going to their church to my mom asking her to bring something for the potluck last week and why did I leave the SDA church? Why do I keep the Feasts–––weren’t they the done-away with ceremonial laws? to Ellen G. White said we don’t have to keep the Feasts to “I had no idea that the word “seasons” is the word for “mo’edim/appointments/feasts” and don’t-do-this-to-your-parents”

“Is now really a good time, Papa? I can’t even speak and I feel awful! Can we talk about me? Please? I’m here because I need help” said me not.

I left with a prescription for antibiotics and found out that I was not helping my throat situation with the heavy-in-salt water that I’ve been gargling with. A pinch in 1 cup of water. NOT 1 TB in 1/2 cup water. Who knew? I’ll clean up my body after this treatment. Whatever has invaded my body is not going away with the humble, natural remedies I’ve been doing for over a month. I gave it a good go. But it’s time to kick ass. It was clear to me that Papa wanted me to have this prescription. He basically waltzed me right in the front door, past the waiting room into a patient room — ahead of 4 hours of other appointments. So, instead of healing me outright — as was requested through prayer last night by Kim when the group prayed over me, Kim’s birthday gift money went to getting me this appointment and medication.

I’m Yah’s daughter. But sometimes he shows his Papa-hood to me in “me-think” weird ways.

Exiting the office — another 2 people I knew. Oh, why when I look like I was just drug through a knothole did I have to run-into people?

The sun shone hot on my face as I drove home. The blue sky made life feel like it’s worth living. I feel better because I’m not going to die! LOL! 🙂

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