Sukkot in Israel: Day 1, Traveling


By the end we didn’t look as happy and fresh as this!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We left our warm beds in our little log cabin in North Idaho at 2:30 am. Our flight left at 5:45 am 1 hour away. Noelle was going to come early this morning to the house and doggie sit for us during our 2 week trip.

In 2 days it would be Sukkot. And this year we were going to Israel for the Feast! All 4 of us! We couldn’t have even dreamed of that becoming our reality a few months ago. Many might not understand, but Papa Yahweh has lots of Feasts (Mo’edim / appointed times) that he asks his people to assemble for, celebrate and observe. For three of them he says we are to travel up to Jerusalem for those appointed times. We’ve been keeping his rhythm for 10 years now. But we’ve never had the money to go up to the Feast…until now. Through a series of events that took 7 years to complete, this Fall Papa provided the tithe we needed to travel to the Promised Land. And then we found out this is a Jubilee year! A 50th year. All the land is to go back to its original owners this year. Perhaps we go to discover which part of land feels like it is ours…?

I’ve been planning this trip for 2 months–researching and mapping out our adventure. This morning the plan was enacted. It was fun up till this moment…now I’m nervous.

We drove to the Spokane airport. Put our car in long term parking and took the shuttle (that showed up the moment we parked) to the terminal. I know this airport well. But today it would be the place we started our adventure to traveling 1/2 way around the world!


She’s already exhausted and we just got started!

OMG! I was taking my family to the Middle East! Ok, Yahweh is taking us. There was really no other option as to what to do with his tithe money. It was Feast time. He said to come. We had the money to come. We would not have felt right going through the Fall Feasts with all that money just sitting there. I don’t need more decorations for the Feasts, I needed to experience the land of Israel. I needed to see what “home” was like. I needed to obey. I feel like this trip will change our life. Perhaps. I don’t know.

Five years ago, while living at the tepee Yahweh gave us money to buy passports. That’s a long story but basically believe me he sent the money. Adult passports are good for 10 years. Child passports are good for five years. They’ve been sitting waiting for us to use them for almost 5 years. When we checked the expiration date on our passports the girls passports expire seven months from this Sukkot. Israel requires your passport to be good for six months from the moment you enter Israel. The girls passports will literally expire one month after we return. For us it seemed like that was a message that we were supposed to go now.


At the Spokane Airport

We checked 2 nearly empty bags to bring our treasures back in. Because we have a SkyMiles Delta American Express card we got to check the bags for free and got priority boarding all the way to Tel Aviv today. That was a blessing.

Going through TSA in Spokane was a breeze for Hadassah and I as we were sent through TSA Prev. That was so nice. Maggie and Isaac went through the regular TSA lines. They had to take their coats off, they had to take their shoes off, they had to take their belts off, they had to go into a scanner where they put their feet apart and their hands up in the air as the scanner went around them. They had to put all their carry-on luggage on the belt that went through another scanner. They had to have their quart bag of liquids checked. I liked TSA Prev. I want to do it that way next time.

Welcome to security.

Seattle has a nice airport. Off the plane we looked for our connecting flight to JFK. The reader board said “S3.” So we lugged our tired bodies and roller bags and backpacks to the underground train. We took the train to the main terminal. But our flight wasn’t at that gate! The reader boards were wrong. The Delta lady at the counter sent us back to the very same gate we arrived to. Bummer! Hadassah had crashed on the benches when we got to the first gate, we had woken her up to go to “S3” and now we were going back to the same place. She could have slept, but instead we were moving unnecessarily. The first hick-up on a very long journey.

We got a little bagel snack in the airport and then boarded for our flight to JFK. The flight itself was ok. They had monitors in the seat backs in front of you so you could watch movies. You could also watch where the plane was in the air. You could tell where you were over the US. Hadassah liked that. We got our first meal on the plane during this flight. I had ordered special meals for us. I think I will try to change that for the flights home. The special meals came early. So you sat next to people who didn’t have any food and you ate. And then when they got served you had to live with your dirty dishes in front of you for a very very long time until they came to pick up the trash.


Happy for awhile

Hadassah and I got Asian food. But as she says, it wasn’t really Asian it was Mexican. It didn’t have noodles, it had really hot beans and rice. When we got on this flight I began to have some personal issues to deal with. Whenever I don’t get sleep and there’s a lot of stress I’ll have a herpes attack. Which I got. Which makes life pretty uncomfortable. I have also been struggling with some sort of throat issue off and on for a year. For the past couple weeks it’s been present, but not too bad. But when I took my first bite of those beans and rice it was so hot it burned my mouth and tongue. I couldn’t find water fast enough so I decided to swallow it. That was a big mistake because it burnt my throat all the way down. Which caused whatever problem I’ve got going on in my throat to intensify. It ends that up by the end of this trip I also got sick. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been — it was just a cold, but it definitely made travel a little harder for me personally. Throughout our 14 days in Israel my cold would intensify and then it would get better and that would intensify again. Morning and night I shot a concoction I made with some things I had with me. Some essential oil’s and probiotics and what not. It was a nasty thing to swallow, but I think that helped! Isaac showed symptoms of getting sick at one point and I made him take the concoction I made. He never got sick. The girls were fine the whole trip.


Trashed in the very dirty and ugly New York airport

Maggie was super excited to go to NY. But when we arrived she was disappointed. The airport section we were in was quite dirty and old. We found a nook to tuck away and made Dassah a bed on the ground with all the blankets we had brought and hauled through the airports. Isaac ended up laying down too next to her and put a coat over his eyes. His eyes are all blood shot from no sleep.


Laying flat at JFK during our 3 hour layover

While they slept or dozed Maggie and I tried to find a fridge magnet of NY that didn’t have Lady Liberty (Ishtar) on it. Impossible. The airport seems to be out of “I❤️NY” magnets. That’s ok Maggie didn’t love it now. But the airport is old — it’s not the city of NY. I’m sure like any city it has its ugly and pretty parts.

Around 10:30 PM we were done with our little stay New York. To get on our flight to Tel Aviv we had to go through our first security check point. They begin to call the zone’s for loading the plane. Immediately after we passed the kiosk where you scan your boarding pass so you can get on the ramp to go onto the plane, but instead of getting on the plane they funneled this into another room that was extremely chaotic. Everyone was quickly taking their shoes and coats off. They were bunched up like cattle and people (esp one large lady) were yelling loudly what to do. They had told us that we would need to be holding our passports when we went though the scanner. Hard to do when you also had to strip, empty pockets and put all your stuff through on the conveyer belt…and then do the same for your kids st the same time. Doing all that well trying not to lose everything. The loud lady was so mean to the lady I front of us that I felt bad for her. I felt like it was abusive. Later I saw the lady who was in front of me at the end of the conveyer belt with another TSA employee trying pathetically to console her. Welcome to American hospitality. Your treated like a criminal before you are a customer, a person just trying to travel and get to your connecting flights.

This kind of treatment makes me see red. I know human beings were not made to go through this. I really have a hard time processing stuff like this. It makes me long for the Kings return. I want that day so bad ! The day that Yahshua dismantles all of man’s control over each other, their fear mongering, their invasion of privacy etc will be a day to remember. I want vindication, judgment and justice!

I’ll try to wait patiently.

The flight across the Atlantic to Tel Aviv was long! I think it was around 9 1/2 hours. We watched some on board movies and tried to sleep to pass the time. I loved the movies I watched: “The Founder” Ray Kroc’s story. I have absolutely no respect for him now! He stole the McDonald’s brothers name, their method, their arches and someone else’s wife. I can’t believe CDA took his money and opened the Kroc center! It’s dirty money. And then I watched Hidden Figures which was a true story about black ladies working at NASA as “computers.” Excellent movie!!

My family looked so green and tired when we arrived in Tel Aviv. We had been chasing the sun. We got on the plane at dark in the morning on Wed. But when we could see Israel from the plane it was afternoon on Thursday. Just don’t think about it too much!


Finally, off the plane!

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4 Responses to Sukkot in Israel: Day 1, Traveling

  1. Rebekah says:

    Shalom, Charles! We just got back and in the mail was your monthly support! How wonderful! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement for our ministry! I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. No, you have not “gone around the bend.” 🙂 You are just feeling the weight of rebellion in your family and you want to live in obedience, free and healed. There is nothing wrong with that. We also have left much to walk this path. It is hard, but in the end I keep consoling my heart with Yahshua’s words, “my reward is coming with me to give each according to what he has done.” I choose life. I choose him. And I choose it at all costs. One thing I learned in Israel (I’ll blog about it) is when we were showed how the ancients used to press olives to get the oil. There were 3 pressings. The first one was used for food. The second one was used for cosmetics, soaps and like products. The 3rd pressing (the most severe) produced the oil that they would use in their oil lamps. Wow! Just like us. We are to be light. We need the oil of the Ruach ha’Kodesh to be that light. But it takes extreme pressure to get what we need to be light. Pretty amazing. You are light in a dark world. Shine and follow the King at all costs. I know our life here may not be all we know is possible, but our future looks more than good. Remember, sometimes you have to get away from the rebellion so your heart can hear and have shalom. That’s ok. Lots of ahavah! 🙂 Yahweh bless you with healing and a new body –– either now or in the future when he returns! 🙂

  2. Charles Michael Hill nickname:Mike says:

    It is ABREEMENT not agreement

  3. Charles Michael Hill nickname:Mike says:

    I enjoy Your reports totally! Before I go further, I have an urgent prayer request, I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 in 2000. I had toe-area left foot amputated 2014. I had agreement number 1 almost exactly 1 year ago, now I’ve had a second within the last two weeks. I’m trying to stay positive, but :My sister and brother-in-law rub me the wrong way. I do not drive and Shirley hauls me to all doctor’s appointments. I just snapped today and she as well. My mom has commented That Joey youngest by 4 years, Shirley younger by 18 months and I(63) are totally different from the 3 children pre first grade. I do not know how to be positive toward healing of my foot{when Shirley Southern Baptist, her husband a pk of same denomination think this “what I call returning to the original beliefs of Yashua, the base twelve and others” of great value. All I want is my foot to heal, move to Phoenix, join a as close to what I believe, finally marry and call the rest of biological family on their holiday’s and be done. Am I just totally gone around the bend? Help with Prayer! And tell your husband hello, always good to see his photos and your oldest looks more like her mom by the month!

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