Post Election Thoughts from a Daughter of the High King


Rebekah Qara’ bat  Yahovah


Two nights ago, like the rest of America, I sat in the polling booth with the ballot in front of me and a black marker. I had prayed about what to spend my vote on, but I just couldn’t figure out what to do. How do I vote between two evils? Do I waste my vote and write in somebody’s name, just for my conscience sake? I struggled with the idea that my vote even mattered as the government, politicians and the media seem to get what they want, no matter what the people want or what is right. I sat there feeling like the hopeless situation the planet is in was going to continue no matter what I voted.


Things are so out of control. The more and more our nation has compromised the more evil has come. There seems to be no end in sight. Absolutely anything goes anymore. I know that it’s been a downhill road ever since the Fall of Man, but even in my own lifetime I can tell that the world is now beginning to escalate at an unprecedented rate towards global disaster. The wickedness is not even pausing on it’s frantic pace to infect every human and every aspect of our lives. It does feel like the End of the Age. I can sense it. The depravity and corruptness of the government we live under seems to have no boundaries. Where is the person who will not pervert justice? Where is the person who knows right from wrong? Where is the person who will take up the cause of Yahweh? Where is a real human being who will fix things and not continue to be bought by the agendas of corporations, Demons, Nephlim and money mongers?

Where are the people in power who will demand that consequences be paid from our leaders for treason? For destroying our food supply, polluting our water and air? For debauchery? For the murder of babies? For brainwashing our children? For wrongful judgments? Lies? War creation? Disease creation and maintenance? And going against the Creator’s Royal Law and destroying His Creation?

Most politicians are snakes (and thus filled with the Snake). Polished at self-serving, they slither and position themselves with slimy fingers. They are cold-hearted liars. And their minions, the bureaucrats, remind me of dead fish. No backbone, floppy and lifeless. Pawns in the chess game the politicians play. They are there to push the system’s agenda, strangely detached from their own species, humans they shove us into line to obey their man-made rules. All of them are puppets of the Evil one. The are ignorant of love, sacrifice, mercy and who do not fear Yahweh. Fallen angels all of them! Very few in government are here to “serve and protect” anymore. They are here to “control through fear.” They seek our compliance not our input. They seek power. And they will never have enough of it. Say too much and you are forced to stay silent.


Everything is wrong. It’s enough to make me sick to my stomach. It’s enough to make me drop to my knees, rip my clothes and start throwing ashes on my head. My heart cries out for deliverance and rescue from a pagan country and fallen world. I am well aware that no one person can fix it except The King. This side of Yahshua’s rule nothing will be 100% right, Oh, how my heart cries out to thrive and not just survive!

I don’t buy into the “we can rebuild nonsense” that all our presidents have touted. The Scriptures makes it very clear that it’s that kind of puffed-up thought that will get us in trouble. So it has. The Scriptures makes it very clear that the appropriate response to trouble is to drop to our knees and repent for how we have trespassed Yah’s law. And then change our actions! Man, would I like to see that from our leaders. But that doesn’t make you money or get you power. It’s not the cool thing to do. That’s not what the older generation is teaching the younger generation. It’s not what our leaders are modeling, even when the wolf knocks at the door.

As I sat there looking at the names on the ballot I knew that not one of the candidates would opt for falling down on their knees and repenting for themselves, let alone the nation. Sad, but true. Of course, I will repent for myself, no matter what anyone else does. But though our leaders won’t be humbling themselves through repentance, whatever was going to happen with the election I knew that Yahweh would use it to his advantage (all with the goal of bringing this sin thing to an end). But perhaps by electing to office the lesser of the two evils America could reduce the amount of pain we have to endure during these Last Days nd allow us to labor a little longer for the Kingdom of Yahweh.


Now, I don’t have my head in the sand. I know that America is not the chosen land. Israel is. I know the Americans are not the chosen people. Israel is. But I live in the United States and though I am Israelite first, my culture is American. And thus who we elect is a big deal, for now. I’m very clear as to where my allegiance lies. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am not an Independent. I am a repentant human –– a Kingdom citizen. And therefore, I am 100% for the regathering of Israel and the return of King Yahshua.

I live with the hope of The Good King’s return with every breath I breathe. It’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning and the only thing that brings me any peace, any purpose and any joy! No, we won’t be voting Yahshua into office. The planet is his. He bought it with his blood and he holds Earth’s title deed in his hands right now. There will be no polls on that day. He is preparing for battle and he will come take it when the Father releases him to do so, but only after all the prerequisites to his return are fulfilled.

But that’s not yet.

Between now and then we live here under a corrupt system and depraved human leaders. And so I, along with millions of other concerned Americans, sat there at the polling booth on Tuesday evening with a heavy heart assuming America was about to do a free fall into greater chaos.


Sitting there I was so confused. What do I do with my one little tiny vote? But finally I decided to vote against the worst of the two. I’m sure I shared in that painful dilemma people around me were feeling. I made my black mark in the circle across from Trump’s name. I then took my ballot to the lady with silver white hair who sat at a desk next to the sealed metal box where all the ballots were dropped. With a lot of costume jewelry on her wrists and long shaky fingers she took my ballot. And as she dropped it into the metal box slot she exclaimed in a weak voice, “Rebekah Garvin” has voted!

So be it. I had spent my vote.


Isaac and I don’t have TV, cable or radio out here in the cabin where we live. All we have to stay in touch with the outside world is some Wi-Fi if we want it. Earlier in the day I had seen Facebook posts from friends who had given up hope. I went into the polls thinking it was a done deal and Hillary was to be the demon we had to live under or flee from. That night Isaac and I decided to just go to bed and deal with the ramifications of the election in the morning. “Knowing” that Hillary was going to be our reality when we woke up the next morning literally made me feel sick to my stomach.
Wednesday morning we woke up and we decided to see the election results together before Isaac went to work. Before we got online, we prayed and gave our allegiance to The King. We told Yahweh that we recognized that in the end, he would use whoever became the President of America to do HIS will and that we depended upon him to hold us together until the end –– no matter what had happened.

With our hearts in our throats we turned on the Internet and typed in Fox News. It took minutes to load. But all of a sudden there on the loaded page, as big as the screen, was his picture and the words, “President-Elect Trump!” We gasped and jump back from the computer! Isaac looked at me in unbelief and said, “No, that’s not true! I don’t believe it! Fox news has been hacked! Let’s look at another news source.”

So we began to Google another news source. Our Internet was real sketchy and it took many more minutes to load, but finally we saw CNN reporting the same news with a graph that showed how close the race was. We were dumbfounded! Relief and shock hit us at once! Isaac couldn’t stop

saying, “No way! “No way! “No way!” I just covered my mouth with my hand, my eyes wide open. I exclaimed, “Thank you, Papa!” over and over.
It was unbelievable! We had gone to bed thinking we were going to wake up to despair. But instead we woke up to hope for …. at least change!


Now I don’t know all the ins and outs about what Trump believes. I’m no expert in man’s laws or politics. I’m a expert in Yahweh’s laws, which unfortunately there is no government position to hold with that expertise. I know Trump doesn’t believe in the God (Elohim) of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. He’s not walking in repentance according to the Scriptures. I know that he will not make America great again, because that is not the Yahweh’s goal. His goal is so much bigger than that. Primarily, Yahweh’s purpose is to bring an end to ha’Satan’s reign and save us from the Snake and all other snakes!

But the hope lies in the fact that Trump is a different kind of man than any of our former presidents. He is not a politician. He is not weak. He is not emasculated. I really appreciated Trump’s acceptance speech and what he promises us Americans. I appreciate the fact that he’s friends with Israel. I’m so thankful that he is pro-life and that he will appoint a Supreme Court judge who cares about our Constitution and what it originally meant instead of what they want it to mean. I appreciate the fact that he is not a politician, but a business man who has the tenacity to use the chopping block to “drain the swamp” in our government. America needs to be taken to the woodshed and I can see Trump being able to pull out the willow stick and use it on a country that is out of control. He has the ability to give a “You’re Fired!” verdict. He won’t be pushed around by the media or anyone.

And as a female American, I find A LOT of encouragement in having Trump in power. I need the strength of men, if they are good and fight for me. The strength of a good man allows me to be the beauty and become all I was created to be. As a women, I would NEVER vote for a woman to be president. I believe in women’s rights. I believe women are called to lead and do great things. But I also believe that a woman was not created to swim through the kind of crap that being President of the US would require. Women are needed to be the beauty, not the undertaker. Trump will be able to call really hard shots and not flinch while doing it.


On the beach with Hadassah


All day long I pondered in my heart what had happened. I listened to news reports, read things online, re-watched some of the footage and listened to President Elect Trump’s speech. I pondered the historical election that came down the night before while we were sleeping.

It was a strange and calm feeling I had all day. The sun was shining and it was warm out. Hadassah and I had a picnic on the beach and I shot some more video for our ministry. For the first time I felt a form of peace that I have not experienced in my adult life. It’s not the same kind of peace (shalom) that YHVH gives my soul. It was different. Not better. Just different.

I was experiencing a long-over due realized hope. Perhaps my heart felt like a prisoner of war who had been set free from a long incarceration, but who had only enough energy to walk slowly out the open door, not really sure how to feel or where to go. Though Trump wasn’t my first pick  (Ben Carson was) with him in power there is hope for at least some change. There is hope for someone finally setting the break to our runaway train, this side of The King’s return. Mostly, there is hope that my daughters can grow up in a safer country that values freedom. The freedom to worship the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and follow Yahweh’s laws. The freedom to pursue Biblical repentance, so that they are ready to meet the rightful King when he does return.


On one hand, I knew that I could not celebrate Trump’s win. As in, throw a big party, rejoice, sing his praises and give honor to a still very corrupt system and to merely a sinner named Trump. For me, that kind of celebration and joy is reserved exclusively for the King and the moment he is coordinated Earth’s King. I don’t want to give that moment away to anyone else!

But on the other hand, at the news, I was excited and fell to my knees in thankfulness before my Creator! Because he had defeated Hillary it felt like someone had finally grabbed the break on a run-a-way roller coaster to attempt at stopping the plummet into darkness that America has been descending into.

Because of these reasons and a few more, all of a sudden I felt a little bit of hope for the interim between now and when King Yahshua returns. I’m not saying that Trump is Savior, Messiah or Deliverer. I will not be putting my Hope in him. My Hope is firmly set in Yahweh accomplishing all that HE has promised. But all of a sudden and for some reason, the news of Trump in power makes me feel like I can breathe again. Out on the beach with my daughter I felt like the air come back into my lungs. I didn’t even realize that I had been holding my breath most of my adult life.


When Isaac came home after work on Wednesday he also had been listening to the news all day long and talk shows while he was driving. We had a lot to talk about. This was how we “celebrated.” We talked about the election. But he said one thing that I will never forget.

As he sat on our bar stools across from the counter where I was making dinner, he said that what he had been feeling all day was relief. But what struck him was the realization that the relief he was feeling was NOTHING in comparison to what kind of relief we are going to feel and experience when King Yahshua returns and takes over all the governments of the world forever! When he comes we will know deep in our heart that things will change for the best, for real …. forever. It was tripping him out. Things have just been so hard for us. Isaac and I have been through so much that to have an upturn in something that seemed like it was on the downturn was like having your heart shocked back into beating. Relief and joy has been so fleeting that it has felt like no stable and good change can happen for us anymore. But because of the unforeseen turn in events on election night, Isaac was experiencing a small taste of the reality that awaits us when the true King returns.

Yahshua is Elohim, yet he is also a human. A human who has been here before. Our brother who knows what it is like to be human. He knows what we need to thrive. His government will be based on Yahweh’s laws. We will live and prosper under his world-wide rule for 1,000 years.

What I will never forget is as Isaac sat on the bar stool that night, he related how he realized that the relief he felt when he heard the news of Trump’s win was nothing like the relief he will feel when he witnesses The King’s return to take over everything! Just imagining that kind of relief is simply overwhelming to the heart tht experiences relief in short fleeting spurts.

No, King Yahshu’s return will be a day of instant and eternal pain relief. I will do anything to have the relief that Yahshua is bringing.

And so I blog for my husband. May he never forget how this election made him feel about what it will be like to experience the final relief to come. May he continue to do whatever it takes to get to participate in the joy of that day.

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