Emergency Orthodontic Care for Hadassah!


Maggie and Hadassah at Shavuot 2016

Click here to see Maggie’s campaign for her sister. Watch the video and donate.

Hadassah’s baby teeth were so pretty — straight, pretty and they worked. But when her permanent teeth started coming in we realized that our little girl was going to have a ton of problems in her mouth. We didn’t know if it was because of the Down Syndrome or just because of genetics, because I had horrible buck teeth when I was little! Melissa Gilbert (Laura from Little House on the Prairie) knew my pain.

My parents were not wealthy. My dad worked for himself doing floors and counter tops for the construction and remodel industry. My mom stayed home raising the family. My dad’s experience with dental work didn’t go so well…My dad grew up in the 40’s. One of 13 kids. He basically raised himself on the street. He had teeth problems so his mother sent him to the dentist. That day, he walked to the dentist and came home with a bloodly mouth. The dentist had pulled 10 teeth that afternoon! A poor kid and no mom around, so the crooked dentist just pulled them! Unbelievable! I have always felt massive pain in my heart when I recall that story of my dad’s experience when he was little. His mom was so busy she probably didn’t even notice.

He didn’t want anything like that to ever happen to his kids, so dad and mom saw my need and made braces happen for me when I was in my teens. But in order to keep the cost down and save money I remember them making a decision to not do the spacer, which I really needed to correct my extremely high palette and to widen my smile. But it was the 80’s and wide smiles weren’t really important. In that era of orthodontics, Dr. Miller used a hammer to get the bands on that went around my back molars. I must have sat in that orthodontist’s chair for years of my life with my mouth open, bracing for that hammer. No matter the pain, I’m ever grateful to my parents for scrimping and saving in order to give me braces.

But I never had it as bad as my little Hadassah does.

IMG_9267We have been quickly launched into an emergency situation. Yesterday, we started her second phase of braces. A year and a half ago, she had a upper braces and a spacer. And we thought that we could wait another year to start phase 2, but nope. It has now turned into an emergency. Not only can she not bite and chew food, as you can see by the photo to the left, but one of her front teeth is at risk. One of her canines is pushing on the nerve of a front tooth (as you can IMG_8710see in the photo below). She needs room for it to come down or she might eventually loose that front tooth!

Yesterday, we took her in and she got her braces on. It will cost us $5,880! Like most people, we don’t have that kind of money. Isaac works hard driving truck. I home school the girls and work our ministry full-time. We are barely able to pay bills and the fridge always leaves something to be desired. I’ve been trying to sell my books and I take on odd jobs here and there in order to help support us, but none of those endeavors have been blessed yet. I know YHVH will provide. He always does. We may have to pinch and go a little hungry, but we’ll go month by month and watch Him bring the provision she needs. FullSizeRender

To help out my oldest, Maggie is doing a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for her little sister Hadassah’s ortho care. I think she did a great job on the video. Perhaps my readers might help fund her campaign and help our family afford Hadassah’s emergency care.

Thank-you and may YHVH provide for your needs and bless you. If you can, please help fund Maggie’s campaign for Hadassah!




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