Sukkot Preparations: CAMP CAFE’


Maggie’s working logo



We are so excited for Sukkot this year! We are already starting preparations.

Of course, this is in hopes that many Kingdom people from all over the country will join us for an incredible 8-day program! One that we are working very hard on. Along with hoping to attract true Melchizedek priests from across the United States, one of our main goals is to attract Christian youth, young adults and families.

Why do we want Christians to attend this Sukkot? Because we believe that at our Sukkot they will discover who they truly are and we want to show what the Scripture actually says about HOW to obey Yahweh. We what to help them understand what Yahweh wants them to do with their lives and how cool his Feast rhythm is! We want to give people who are feeling moved to leave organized religion a community of happy people to fellowship with, learn from and find support among.

One of our Sukkot preparations we are working on is the Sukkot Camp Cafe. For all the guests that attend this will be a special treat! Run by teenagers and open twice a day (except for the Shabbats) this will be a place where people can come purchase a drink and a goodie and hang out together. Maggie is creating a logo, a drink list and will begin practicing making her drinks. Isaac is coming up with sketches that will accomplish our goals and then he will go to work building it. I am doing some shopping for what we need and trying to figure out how to get all we need with limited money.

cafe sketch

Brainstorming on our whiteboard last night

We need your offering of money to finish establishing our Camp Cafe. Please donate towards the building materials, the equipment needed, the furniture and the drink ingredients to help keep our drink costs down during Sukkot.  Donate towards the Camp Cafe here. Thank-you!

In the next few blog entries I will begin to expand on other things we are doing to prepare for your arrival at our National Melchizedek Sukkot Campmeeting and why you should make plans to attend.

Register for Sukkot by August 17 and get up to 50% back off your registration fee!

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