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Many people are asking me about why we are celebrating Purim a month before the Jews are. Basically it’s because the Jews are keeping a calculated calendar and we are honoring Purim when Queen Esther and Mordecai commanded it –– on Adar 14 and 15 (which is Feb. 23 & 24, 2016 according to the Aviv Barley and First New Moon last Spring). Here’s a simplified view:

1) YHVH said to start our years with the month of Aviv. (Deut. 16:1)

YHVH tells us to calculate the head of the year by finding the month of Aviv. Aviv is speaking about the barley in the land of Israel being at a certain stage of ripeness. The next New Moon after the barley is found to be aviv is the “head of the year” ( which literally is Rosh Hashanah).  Thanks to people’s work in Israel, we can get email notices from Israel notifying us as to when the barley is aviv.

“The biblical year begins at the sighting of the first new moon after the barley in the land of Israel reaches the stage in its development that the Bible calls aviv.” – Michael Rood

2) We must watch for and celebrate every new moon during the year so you know when his Feasts during that year are. (Ps. 83:1-4)

By far the most important new moon is the 7th! That is Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) and is a High Shabbat –– the first feast of the Fall. On Yom Teruah, we practice looking for the appearance of the New Moon. Someday we will not be practicing on the moon , but will be looking with longing eyes for Yahshua to appear that night.

Peloublet’s Bible Dictionary: “The mentions of the new moons shows that they were regarded as a peculiar class of holy days, distinguished from the solemn feasts and the Sabbaths. I Chron. 23:31; II Chron. 2:4; 8:13;31:3; Ezra 3:5; Neh. 10:33; Ezek. 45:17: (“New Moon,” p.445). The New Moons were celebrated with special rites on the first day of each lunar month, in ancient times, as part of the worship due to YEHOVAH God by His people. They were highly regarded and observed by family get-togethers, communal meals, and community sacrifices. The people would enjoy them, with a fellowship meal, with eating and drinking and fellowshipping before YEHOVAH God. There would be singing of hymns, and spiritual songs, and songs of praise and worship.”

3) Queen Esther and Mordecai commanded that Purim be celebrated on Adar 14 and 15 (Esther 9:21).

Purim is in the 12th month regardless of if there is a 13th month in a particular year. One year Purim will be a month from Pesach. But on a 13th month year it will be 2 months from Pesach. We don’t know if this will be a 13th month year or not, but what we do know is that we are in the 12th month and Purim is the 14th and 15th day of this month! The point is to walk one step at a time with the Creator. He doesn’t allow us to plan too far ahead. 🙂

4) Yahshua said “Do not follow the takanot and ma’asim of the Pharisees” (Hebrew Matthew 23:3).

Yahshua said to not obey the Rabbis! Therefore, we can not follow the Jewish calendar (the Hillel calendar)––that would be obeying them in the face of what the Scriptures actually says. You see, the Rabbis (Sanhedrin) invented a calculated calendar when Israel was sent into exile so that everyone could keep the feasts no matter where they lived. That was supposed to be temporary, but instead it became the calendar they follow to this day even though it is not Biblical. Their calculated calendar is no longer needed. We are able to go back to the Biblical calendar!

“The “nineteen year cycle” has been adopted by the majority of Jewish people instead of fixing the first month according to the barley crop. This cycle was invented at a time when reliable reports of the barley crop in the land of Israel were difficult to obtain. It added the occasionally necessary thirteenth month (seven times every nineteen years), which keeps Passover in the spring of the year in a logical, yet biblically unauthorized pattern. The Rabbinites recognize that the state of the barley crop determines the date of Passover (Sanhedrin 11a); however, since our return to the land, observation of the barley crop has proven that the rabbinic cycle is often in error and now obsolete.” The Month of Aviv

5) Therefore, this year Purim (Adar 14 and 15) this year is Feb. 23 and 24. Period.

Along with many many people, we have been celebrating the New Moons since last Rosh Hashanah. We’ve been counting them. Last week on Feb 10th we and people in Israel sighted the 12th New Moon. Therefore, we know that it is time for Purim to happen on the 14th and 15th days of this month!

Don’t forget — it must be simple. It must be doable. It must be sustainable and replaceable every year. It must make sense to a child. And illiterate Hebrews and shepherds in the field must be able to keep his calendar simply by looking into the heavens. We “enlightened ones” make things way too complicated in order to look smart.

Now I must go. I’ve lots of hamantaschen to make today for our huge party next week! 🙂 You are totally missing out if you are not diving into the deeper meaning of Purim!

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