On Faithfulness

by Isaac Garvin


Our Purim celebration many years ago.

As we are trying to figure out how to manage a flock, how to maintain and grow a fellowship, how to motivate and involve people in putting on and celebrating the Feasts, Yahovah is also seeking the answer to a very deep but basic question. I believe his question for us, ultimately is, “In the end, will you be standing with me?” Or to put it another way, “If no one else was doing it, and you had to do it alone, would you still follow my ways, keep my Shabbats, and celebrate my Moedim?”

It’s one thing to do something when everyone else is doing it, or even when a few other people are doing it. But it is an entirely different thing to do it when it is all up to you and no one else is carrying you along.

One of the major carryovers from Christianity is the compulsion to congregate. Some of us seem to only think in “church” terms when it comes to the Feasts. Some people seem to be of the mindset that “faithfulness” means that they will observe or celebrate a Feast if there is a congregation or a ministry putting on the Feast or at least having a meeting and meal in honor of the Feast. But if these things are not available than there is nothing for the people to do about it and so they just do nothing––like sheep who just stand there waiting for a shepherd  to come along and tell them to move.

There will be no shepherd standing beside us on judgement day. Maybe we should start preparing for the judgement now. Maybe we should start being truly faithful now instead of waiting until it is too late. Haven’t we already promised to be faithful anyway?

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