Among Good Company….


At Pacific City approx. 9 years ago.

This daily reading from Ransomed Heart Ministries (link below) is perfect encouragement for anyone attempting to do the ‘impossible’ for YHVH. Most the choices I have made in my life seem counter-intuitive to onlookers. Spending 1,000’s of hours creating, speaking, writing for the King without pay. Dreaming alone. Leaving everything behind to follow. Paying high prices for a wild ride with Papa. Living it out loud in the face of criticism. And now selling all we had of value and buying a small RV to tour the country to find the Youth of the Hebrew Roots / Messianic Movement from which to build Teshuvah College. Sounds crazy, but I have heard the call. I have heard his voice and I choose to walk “that

way” into the unknown –– despite what people think is the proper way. I do not care what other people think and I do not fear the unknown because I know that the Creator of all things is with me. I ask you, “if he is with me who can be against me?” I am obsessed with YHVH’s Kingdom, his goals, his heart, his Son Yahshua and the indwelling of his Ruach. I believe I am in good company as the ancient and modern greats who have and are doing the same thing. I will have a blast at the Great Wedding Feast table swapping stories of the impossible! I have lived this way all my life –– this will never change –– it is who I am.

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