The Youth are Responding to the Vision!

IMG_8901I just have to share with you my new friend, Jewelia’s email to me the other day. It was so good for my heart to hear her words. It made me nearly cry. She is a striking 14-year old and she is so excited about Teshuvah College. She is one of my biggest supporters! Besides my own children, Jewelia and a young man named Alex are a huge reason that there is no turning back now for me. I suspect that my biggest supporters will be youth as I go across the country to find them in this Messianic / Hebrew Roots Movement. They are encountering hope and connection with the vision of Teshuvah College!


You are an amazing person. I can’t believe YHWH brought you and your family into our lives. Your dream and your journey will influence the world and change history forever. People will have the chance to hope for a better place for their children to grow up in and be shaped by. You are truly and wholeheartedly a servant of YHWH. I know you will be blessed bountifully by Him. YHWH says I will bless those who bless me and curse those who curse me. I know you bless Him continually, therefore he will bless you continually. Thank you for giving the messianic children of the world a new hope.


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