DEFINING: A Reductionist

We have spent time over the past 3 months celebrating Chanukkah and Purim. Now as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah I feel this is appropriate to talk about. As my husband and I have watched people find the ‘narrow path’ we have discovered many heart-breaking realities. One of those realities is that many people are coming into obedience with what we are calling a “reductionist” attitude. A ‘Reductionist’ is a person who looks at what the required minimum is and does only that.

They could also be considered a ‘Minimalist.’

This person, generally speaking, at the core is a dark unhappy person. But even if you can’t tell by that, more importantly, according to Yahshua, this person is not keeping the spirit of the law. We must remember that The Covenant Law (the betrothal arrangement or Marriage Ketubah) can not truly be kept without true love. True love requires that your heart be healed and set free (of which Yahshua said he came to do). True love will be extravagant by nature. True Love requires all you have. It may be a rare thing to see in humans and we may not see it exemplified around us very often, but by beholding Elohim we can know what extravagant true love looks like. They are inviting us up into loving as They do–laviously. This is what the hearts of Elohim long for from us . . . obedience moving us to be extravagant lovers of Them!

One example among people claiming to be traveling the narrow path is the thought that, “I don’t keep the lesser holidays of Chanukkah, New Moons, Rosh Hashannah or Purim because they are not commanded in the Torah.” But I, Rebekah, contend that these ‘extra’ festivals are amazing and aren’t ‘extra’ at all!  They are part of the rhythm. And missing them would mean failing to take another opportunity to meet with our Lover and discover more about His heart and living in rhythm with Him.

Opposite of a Reductionist is an Extravagant Lover. That’s what I want to be. When Yahshua was asked what the greatest commandment was he said,

“LOVE Yahweh your Elohim with ALL your heart, ALL your soul and ALL your strength.

And the second is like the first, LOVE your neighbor as yourself. ALL the law and prophets hang on these.”

We quote this verse a lot, but have we really sat with what Yahshua is saying here? You can not keep the commandments without being in love. It’s impossible to please Papa without love. Period. I believe that it is the one who loves extravagantly who is truly happy and is light to the world. It is the extravagant lover who will experience the deep magic Yahshua knew better than any other human alive. It is what I, Rebekah, write of and speak of and live. May you, too understand this well. May the Ruach be set free to inhabit your heart and transform it into lover this year.

ba’chol l’vavcha (with all your heart)

uh’chol naf’ish’cha (with all your soul)

uh’lchol m’odecha (with all your strength)


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