Breathless, I wait for the Red Sea to part tonight on our behalf

I have been fasting and praying all day. We are here at our destination and now we are standing in front of the Red Sea waiting to see Yahovah part it for us. Tonight is our last night at the hotel that a friend booked for us and we have no idea what we will do tomorrow. We found an apartment yesterday. The deposit is paid, but it is not ready for us to move into it until Feb 7th. It might turn around sooner, but that’s the date they guarantee. What to do until then is the question. Hadassah has her orthodontist appointment for braces this Wednesday and then I have Orientation on Friday. I start school the following week. The Uhaul is parked in the hotel parking lot–it doesn’t have to be returned until Tuesday, but then what?

The only option seems like going back to “Egypt.” As in, there is a cabin a 40 minute drive up into the mountains on a dirt (icy) road that is more primitive than what we have come from. And though we’ve done hard and it would be better than being ‘under a bridge’ I really don’t want to be forced to go there. We are exhausted and can’t imagine roughing it in a worse situation than our tipi up north for a month in the dead of winter—and without our supplies for living off-grid. We left them all at the tipi.

We need temporary housing (a private place for our family that will be good for the cat, dog, girls and us) until Feb. 7. I wouldn’t mind staying here at this hotel for it is very nice, but it would cost. All of the options in front of us cost lots of money that we don’t have. I’m so embarrassed to say that, but it’s the truth. I know that someday it will be different. Papa has us on a new journey seeking more than mere provision, but abundant prosperity (hence going back to school for me etc). The water is at our back and the enemy pursues us. “What will you do, Papa?” Tonight Chris is getting sick and in much need of resolution and my heart is standing still as I breathlessly await YHWH’s provision in the next 24 hours.

“Please Papa, give us not only what we need, but abundant provision to flourish in our new home. Restore to us the prosperity of our forefathers whom you blessed with wealth. You brought us out of ‘Egypt’ to this place. Either you provide the way or we will die. We are are your mercy. Thank you, Papa for coming through for us as I know you will!”

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